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Collection in the Southern Isles

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During the "ye shall not leave home" weeks of late I had a bit of a revelation. Myself  and I were not really becoming one with the Citroen BX19 GT I had bought late last year. It needed quite a lot of small jobs done on it that I did not feel competent to carry out, so of course bought another car.

This time I opted for an old giffers car to suit a 72 yo to get to the supermarket once a week. So I bought a 2001 Nissan Maxima with a lovely 3 litre V6 to tootle along in. It was a bit used and had had a young lady driver who was not always bothered if she hit something. It had also done 254000KM. Of course bought sight unseen ! The price was right too.

Next problem. It was 200 km away , and as lockdown rules said "NO UNNECESSARY TRAVEL OR JAIL may happen" . So waited a couple of weeks and rules were a bit relaxed but still no unnecessary travel. Then rang Jon of this parish to go get it, but he had other commitments and could not go, My neighbour said he would love a good long trip so on Friday morning we set off, knowing that we could be stopped at any time.

Passed a few Police vehicles on the way but they had no interest in us,  Roads were nearly completely empty so had a good run from Tokoroa to Thames up the Thames Valley. Then across the Coromandel Peninsular to the town of Tairua. 

And there was the Maxima, just as described . It had been sitting for weeks under a tree so was a bit messy (birds etc)  Met the seller and went to the car which started instantly and settled down to an almost silent idle.  Then we were away, all of 300 metres to the gas station shot as empty is not a good start for a long trip. Then away, up into the steep winding road back to Thames, no rattles or creaks and groans, no noise from suspension and the temp gauge sat rock steady. Engine ran perfectly and had plenty of power and the auto transmission worked exactly as it should.

At Thames we turned left and headed for Paeroa to sample their McDonalds. Cheeseburger, fries and some Lemon and Paeroa to drink and we were away again to Te Aroha, Matamata-(Hobbiton) and then toTokoroa.  The Maxima proved to be a very good car, Cruise control and a/c were both working well so the me is very pleased .

The Citroen took 2 days to sell and will be collected next weekend.

And now a few photos

The traffic



Up over the Peninsular


hills everywhere


The money shot









And one for the Dollywobbler


That's it .. P.S. Not a JDM second hand car, sold new in NZ, That means handbooks etc are an English !!!

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The combination of a RHD vehicle and this:

6 hours ago, STUNO said:

Thames Valley.

Confused me somewhat for a few seconds there.

3.0V6 in a car that size presumably is fairly rapid when it wants to be?

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Hairnet...  Not handbag, supermarket carry bag. No more plastic bags at any shops.

Jon.....……  It looks better in photos !

Talbot……  Thames Valley, named by a Captain of the Royal Navy in 1769. Quite a big car, what I want, not what I need, and it can get a move on. 222 HP

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13 hours ago, STUNO said:

Thames Valley, named by a Captain of the Royal Navy in 1769

I'm guessing you're aware that a moderate chunk of South-East England is referred to as the "Thames Valley".  As there's the river Thames,  and it runs in a valley.

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5 hours ago, Talbot said:

I'm guessing you're aware that a moderate chunk of South-East England is referred to as the "Thames Valley".  As there's the river Thames,  and it runs in a valley.

Very aware !  Same chappie named the river that runs through it the Thames, but that was corrected to "Waihou" fairly quickly.

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A bit of a side issue. Trade Me , the local site that caused E Bay to close down here has revamped it's site and now has a classic car listing. just a list, not in any particular  order, but worth a look if you are slightly interested in what is available and for how much.


Take a look.

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