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Rusty Red Roffle win Fester I gave to my sister in law - MoT gained

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Good little cars those Fiestas, if you can stop the rot! My sisters had two, which I drove occasionally, an R reg 1.4 Zetec Ghia which was a lovely car and it absolutely flew too! And a W reg 1.3 base model, not as quick or smooth but still a fun little thing to drive. Both died of rust.

Shes got a 54 reg 1.25 now of the newer shape Fiesta which I don’t like as much. Feels like a bit of a backwards step compared to these older ones.

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35 minutes ago, greengartside said:

I think that could have been a driving school Fiesta when it was new. I seem to remember a lot of POG and FOG-plated examples being used by the AA. May be worth looking up under the passenger footwell for signs of double pedals?

Possibly. I’ve not had a look inside as I’m too big lol.

Just stopped at home for refreshments then taking li’l fez to new home.


Here it is with the Toyota of pleasure

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Destination achieved.


Sis in law and other half very pleased with little fester, been round the block in it etc.

Sis in law has medical issues and has been reliant on borrowing cars from friends and family to get to her hospital and GP appointments, so we’ve left them sorting out the necessary to make it legal in their name etc.

I did go for a little ride in it as a passenger and feels pretty solid, especially compared to earlier model fiestas which always felt flimsy.

@rusty998 many thanks sir, a pleasure to do roffling with!

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5 hours ago, EssDeeWon said:

I like that shape Fiesta in posh Ghia form.  

Absolutely. They're really easy to look at. I remember when they started appearing in the work's car park and thought, "Aye, it's about time they looked that fine".

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Popped round to see sister in law today to give her a birthday present. Her other half bought some missing parts for it and has added them all save the front fog lamp. He’s spent weeks wondering how to put it in, air con pipes meant from behind wasn’t a goer unless front bumper off.

5 mins of jiggling I got it in for him. Now just trying to find an appropriately sized screw to secure it.


I will be ordering a full cam belt kit, coolant, filters etc for them in the near future. I have the timing tool, so stay tuned. Sis in law and partner love it.


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  • dozeydustman changed the title to Mr & Mrs Dustman’s curfew-breaking day out - Festered MOT PHAIL :(

The Boris approved long MoT on this expired on 12th October and it didn’t pass. Mainly corrosion. Old Ford TADTS. They had had no welding done prior to this test.



sister in law’s neighbour welded it up. Failed retest on welding not being up to standard AND four of the advisories with only 19 miles from test centre to repair place and back. Windscreen not changed but apparently not a minor defect this time.


52AC3B69-68F9-4B30-AE39-30E1F739D496.thumb.jpeg.bc079469c16c271f5905a9ff2c8c789c.jpegThe car is now with another workshop who are going to do the jobs and retest the car. It will live.

I did offer my sis in law and her other half a pre-MoT once over, could have saved them a fair bit on repair bills, done the brakes, suspension bushes and got them a good deal on tyres. I can’t weld so I’d not have been able to do that but I would have saved them a few quid in labour costs.

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  • dozeydustman changed the title to Mrs Dustman's sister's Fester - MoT gained

Sis in law phoned the wife yesterday to tell me the Fiesta has finally gained its MoT. I'm going to price up the parts they have advisories on for them, as these haven't changed since the previous fail (though they have noted this time there is underseal on the car as an advisory - weird). I'll also check the integrity of the metal brake pipes, if needed splice a new section in.

I can't remember what size tyres this is fitted with, they'll probably take budgets which are around £45 a corner (for a few quid extra I'd have gone for mid range) plus around £100 for a full service inc cam belt kit.

At easy my sister in law and her other half are mobile again.

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  • dozeydustman changed the title to Rusty Red Roffle win Fester I gave to my sister in law - MoT gained

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