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Early Mondeo Saloon Saved From The Scrapman.

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7 hours ago, sierraman said:

Nice easy job those belts. 

Someone not a million miles away called Warren used to rent these out as taxis. One day to save money he decided to pick up the spanners and do a cambelt change himself to save money. All went well, the belt was changed and young Warren surveyed the two litre Zetec lump to bask in his mechanical ability. He hopped into the Mondeo and turned the key only to be greeted by it being locked solid. Yes, some dickhead had forgot to remove the camlock tool from the engine! Somewhat surprisingly the hardy Zetec engine survived the hamfisted bodgery.

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  • 2 weeks later...

When I fixed the rusted handbrake ratchet, as detailed previously, which involves removal of the complete centre console, I didn't think to check if the warning light worked. After completely refitting the entire console some time ago I finally got round to testing this and, surprise, surprise, it didn't work. So the whole console had to come out again. Much easier the second time though as I knew what to do.
As expected the damp interior had caused the switch contacts to go rusty. The switch is a spring-loaded plunger with a steel washer riveted on to the end of it which runs up and down a plastic tube in the housing. When sprung upwards it (should) connect to the edges of two steel plates, one of which has a spade terminal for a wire on it and the other is earthed to the car via the switch mounting screw. When the handbrake lever is lowered the plunger is depressed (so depressed!) and the washer moves down away from the contacts and breaks the circuit, turning the warning light out. Why do they make electrical contacts from steel when they know it will go rusty, instead of copper or brass?
The contacts are hidden behind the washer inside the tube so it is impossible to get at them to clean them up. Online investigations show that the Mark 1 switch is different to all the later models, which are a different shape and appear to have two terminals Naturally they are also unobtainium. Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained and the switch is scrap otherwise, so let's saw the head off the plunger to dismantle it. Now I can access the underside of the washer and the contact surfaces previously hidden by it. These were cleaned up using a very small grindstone on the Dremel then liberally coated in petroleum jelly to (hopefully) prevent any further corrosion.
Now I needed a replacement for the sawn-off plunger. A time-consuming hunt through my large collection of nuts and bolts eventually produced an M2.5 x 30mm bolt, which closely matched the size of the original plunger, and two matching nuts. The switch was reassembled and tested on the bench, then fitted back on the car, only to find that when the handbrake was released it just touched the head of the screw but didn't depress it enough to disconnect the contacts. This is now getting tedious!
Rechecking on the bench revealed that because the screw needed a nut on the end to secure it the plunger was sitting about 3mm lower than before. Bugger! Further hunting through the bolt and nut stash finally unearthed a slightly longer M2.5 x 35mm bolt, so the switch was dismantled again and the longer screw fitted. Back on the car and this time, yay, we have a working warning light.
This sort of job is very time-consuming and certainly would not be worth doing if the labour had to be paid for, but I find it challenging and rewarding to work out how to fix these types of things and then succeed in doing so, particularly if, like this one, it can also be done at no cost.
Now all I need to do is replace the centre console (again).

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8 hours ago, greengartside said:

I’ve spotted this K-plate 2.0i Ghia on Flickr.

K326 GPU & V78 EWV

That rocks my socks. A sad shame it’s ended up like this though. I think it’s been sat there at least 15 years so it’s probably OMG ROTEN underneath. Autoshite crowdfund save, anyone?

Surprised it’s not been banger raced yet. A 2.0 four door Mondeo that’s the dream for most banger racers!

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So many memories! 

With regards to taxi usage, the Mk1 had the slight advantage over the Mk2 due to the fitment of a smaller stereo meaning the standard issue Tait two way radio would fit nicely under Ford unit in the handy cubby hole. This meant that we didn't have to drill holes into the drivers side of the centre console to mount a cage for the two way to fit into which also robbed driver's leg room. They were still a twat to wire in though due to the placement of any grommets on the bulkhead meaning pushing wires through to the battery was a nightmare. Obviously you heros would wire a permanent live from the fusebox but in real life sets were ripped out and launched at the taxi operator/owner at short notice meaning the necessity to hastily fit a new radio from the company down the road.

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Now I'm certain that I've never mentioned this particular Mk1 Mondeo either on here or in my continued taxi tales on the dark wob because I've only just remembered it after 15 years or so. 

The thing is I can't even remember whether I owned, rented or long term borrowed this Mk1 but I do remember that it's the only Mondeo I actually managed to kill. All I remember is that it was a 5 door Mk1 2.0 si in a fetching shade of dark metallic grey. To be honest it didn't feel any quicker than the standard two litre LXs I had but the sports seats were nice and it did look good although for a sports model it didn't feel that much more sporty. IIRC I had my suspicions about the head gasket from day one and within a few weeks it dutifully shat itself in a posh part of Wirral. What the fuck I did with it I really don't know but even then I knew that it was a pretty rare beast and part of me wanted it to be saved and stored somewhere. That's high praise from me who rolled and set fire to a Mk2 Escort RS1800 when he was 18 without too many regrets at the time.

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  • 1 month later...

Thought I ought to have a go at the paintwork on the roof before the weather gets worse.



Rubbed down with some 400 W&D and roughly masked up:



Used about 1 1/2 aerosol cans of lovely Cayman Blue.



Didn't realise this had come out all potatocam until I uploaded it. Doesn't look too bad in the metal now. Hasn't covered too well in the centre at the back but at least it is now roughly all the same colour. Would benefit from a polish then some lacquer but it will do for now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Car went for MoT test this afternoon courtesy of @Six-cylinder. Because he is insured to drive it and it didn't need tax to drive to a pre-booked MoT this could actually be done legally. I know it needs a new set of tyres but didn't want to spend out on these untl I knew what else needed doing. The results were as follows:



Nothing terminal. Bit disappointed about not being able to do the emissions test because the noise wasn't there previously. Started it up this morning and left it ticking over to warm it up. Initially it was fine but after about five minutes the noise started. Using my stethoscope I could tell it was coming from the cambelt area but it was too late to do anything about it. The noise got progressively louder on the way to the MoT and even more so on the way home. But we got it home again and nothing broke. It sounds like a dry bearing so I suspect it is probably either the water pump or the cam belt tensioner pulley. I was intending to replace the cam belt anyway once it had an MoT but it looks like I need to investigate this before I run it any more.
The front wishbone bushes appear to be available on ebay for £notmuch and don't look too bad to do according to the HBOL. Anyone know otherwise?
Not sure about front brake fluctuation. Apparently the brake effort is even on both sides but the pedal pulsates. Warped disc? So maybe new discs and pads anyway. Or maybe something to do with the ABS (I hope not).
If I can do all these jobs successfully I will then replace all four tyres and resubmit it.
The trouble now is that the weather is getting colder and I don't work too well in the cold. Even in a heated garage the car, its parts and the tools are all so cold that my hands give up after about 10 minutes.
So do I grin and bear it, leave it festering in the drive for six months until the weather gets warmer or move it on?


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Bottom arms are dead easy on these. The gearbox side bolt won’t come out unless you drop the subframe a bit, what I’d do is twat it out, cut the top of the bolt off and reinstall the bolt upwards so the nyloc nut is on the top. Avoid at all costs disturbing the subframe bolts, very likely at that age the captive nuts will shear so you’ll be cutting holes in the floor to lock the loose nut. 

Avoid the really cheap arms they won’t last a year. 

Oil leak will probably be the pressure sensor on the back of the engine. 

Timing belt noise will be the top idler on the belt, drive it for much longer and it will chuck the belt off. The belt itself rarely fails, it’s a nice thick belt, the tensioner seizes 99% of the time. Not a difficult job to do, you’ll just need the locking tool to slot in the camshafts and the correct pin to hold the crank web. Use a windy gun and you’ll not need to fuck about taking the starter motor out. Belt kit is probably £40-60. 


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Not too bad!

Cambelt kit still available if needed.

When my lower front arms were changed, it went bolt upwards and mechanic wisely (as noted) left the sub-frame alone (although it will have to be dropped one day on mine for the clutch).

As Sierraman says, probably the idler - but it could be the water pump, my GLX had a very noisy pump and threw the Aux belt with @RobT behind me in his old 626. 

My Mondeo's emissions are always a bit close to the mark, so maybe give it an Italian tune up before it goes in again.

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Can't help but think an afternoon sliding it gently around the fod once all issues have been fixed will be a great way to fix the little foibles. 

I'm game for a spannering session at yours oneekend if it's a weekend I haven't got the kids, if it wasn't illegal (and piss all actual help as I couldn't get close enough to help with anything involving 2 people...) 

Guess you could put it in the garage to do the belt nose first. Wang a heater in there for the day, 2 pointing at your hands... (probably cost as much in electric as just farming it out). Tyres are tyres, can't imagine average 3.5 star rated death rings being too much and your done! 

Wishbone though, gah. Lots of being on the floor involved there... 

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37 minutes ago, Six-cylinder said:

My treat for today was to drive Mondeo and I like it a lot.

I was also chauffeured in the Maxi, to make it an interesting day before we are down to essential journeys only from tomorrow.

IMG_20201104_133537 broad.jpg

IMG_20201104_134753 broad.jpg

IMG_20201104_134814 broad.jpg

I can see a mondeo suiting you. I guess their not cheap disposable cars as they once were, their either utterly fucked m8 or £££. Nice mid 90s 2.0i auto would suit you down to the ground 

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    • By Fumbler
      To mark the genesis of my fleet project thread I here present my new car: a 1997 Nissan Micra Shape-

      It really looks that good. There is a reason for this: its previous owner was an old lady who loved the thing so much so she made every effort to keep it in good shape. It originally came from Fleet in the GU postcode which suggests to me it was bought by the present dealer at auction, hence arriving down here in Kent. Before seeing the car I checked its MOT history and its only fails were thanks to broken stoplights, which shows me that it was very well cared for. I suppose an example of this was that on the last MOT, an advisory was a corroded rear silencer. The silencer on the car when I saw it was new. Methinks the lady wanted to keep it as good as possible. It was kept in a garage and so all the bumpers and black trim are very black and the tyres are in very good condition. Spare never used! Also included a free Dettol first aid kit from 1997.
      This car has 15000 genuine miles on the clock. We clocked over 15000 during the test drive! The lady owner really only trundled around her village in it and the MOT shows that it only did some meagre miles between tests. This, of course, came at a price. We saw a cherry red Micra from 2002 at the same dealer. Paint was shoddy and when they washed it the boot had massive sections of bare metal and it wasn't very happy. This car, however, is in fabulous condition and there was no contest between the two cars- it really is that good, inside and out. Immaculate interior, driver's airbag, cassette player... all there and all functioning (apart from cassette thanks to new battery and failed display). This meant that I bought it for £1600, £100 over what was my uppermost limit, but I knew I wouldn't see another like this that was in as good shape for a fair while. It was priced very ambitiously, at £1990, so I'm content in the fact I managed to slash a few hundred off the price. There wasn't that much paperwork though. All the dealership received was the logbook with 3 service stamps from 1998, 1999 and 2000, the radio key pass, a National Trust sticker, and the original paperwork holder. I suspect the old lady died and had her car auctioned, and the massive file of paperwork is now someone's egg carton, along will everything else she owned.

      As always, this car isn't exactly in showroom condition. While the inside is great and the floor is solid, and the underseal is in great shape, the not undersealed parts need a small looking at. Mainly the rear of the driver's side sill. It's really the only bubbling on the car. I suspect a well aimed stonechip managed to fester over the wintery salted roads, making it rust even more. It's around the size of a 5p piece, and will give me the opportunity to spray the insides of the sill with some chain oil to prevent any further corrosion. Behind the fuel tank there are a few rusty joints- places where the spraygun cannot get paint onto- which some Vactan and Dynax should put to rights. Alternator belt looks original because of the cracking and Nissan badges and will need doing soon as well as the front plate. As much as I like the 90's font and original dealer surround, the dishevelled R and general water ingress is a persistant MOT advisory. It could be the MOT station being strict (and most likely is considering there's a Saxo down the road with far worse blackening), however for the sake of peace of mind and all that, I'll get a new one made. The rear has already been replaced indicating this has happened before.
      All in all, I think this is a nice plucky motor. I'll have it by the end of the week; just got to sort out tax, insurance, and it's going to have an MOT. As part of the deal it's getting the MOT and an oil and filter change which will be something ticked off the list. It has some love scratches and chips here and there, but it drives well, is stiff and controllable, and should make out to be a nice summer project!
    • By Sunny Jim
      I blame @cort16, a week ago he posted a link to a rather shiny red 480 on the Ebay Tat thread. It was a thing of beauty but was rather beyond my budget and was in Scotland. You know when a car's got under your skin and you keep re-visiting the ad then looking at the DVLA online checker to see if a new V5 has been issued? I was doing various man maths calculations but I don't have any children to sell (I've never had them , it's not that I've sold them already) and I need what's left of both of my kidneys. I trawled the classifieds but anything within my budget was beyond my skillset.
      I've been sleeping badly recently and in the early hours the other night I found a 480 an hour away from me closer to my theoretical budget. The ad sounded promising, the MOT history not too scary AND it was turquoise!

      It's an 'S' so the base model, 1.7 Renault engine, no fancy info screen but had been specced with optional half leather seats. I arranged to go and see it yesterday. I have a thing for two door estates and pop-up headlights but had a firm figure in mind well below the asking price and resolved to walk away if I couldn't get it for what I was willing to pay. The Wayback Machine helped me discover the car had been for sale for 17 weeks at gradually reducing asking prices and some handy buyers guides from Owners Clubs meant I knew what to look out for. Prices are all over the place on these and as we all know what a car is advertised for isn't always what is sells for - they're rare but still rather forgotten. The vendor said he'd bought it from a local garage before lockdown but then it had developed some faults and he'd not had the money to sort them out. When I contacted him on WhatsApp his profile picture was of a car transporter so it seemed likely he was a trader of some sort.
      He let me spend a good hour systematically going over the car while I compiled a list of issues in addition to the ones he'd mentioned. I hate negotiating so I was straight with him and said look I could pretend to be Mike Brewer and offer you and insultingly low figure and we can go back and forth but here's where I'm at. I showed him other ads (and how long they'd been up for) and my list of issues with a rough guesstimate of what it would cost to sort them and named what I was willing to pay. "Old art yer 'and," he said. "Hang on," I replied, "You've got a car transporter and as the car isn't currently driveable on the road (the indicators don't work) I want it delivered." He hummed and harred but eventually we shook on it.
      So far the to do list is looking like this:
       4 new shocks - rears 'slightly corroded', fronts 'lightly misted'
      2 new front tyres
      New Battery
      Sort exhaust blow and investigate rusty cat
      Rear of sills where it meets rear arch is a known weak spot on these, this doesn't look too bad but want to sort it before it gets any worse

      Replace damaged daytime running light

      Possibly replace faded and cracked rear lights - these are no longer available and rare as rocking horse poop - 'best' price I've found a pair for so far is £260 (HFM!) but they'll need replacing eventually and the longer I leave it the dearer they'll get so I might just hold my breath and take the hit now.

      Replace Central Electronics Module (CEM) which (hopefully) is the cause of the indicators not working and the headlights doing this (at least I know the motors work!). I've managed to track one of these down for £80.

      VID_20210618_150013_01_01[1].mp4 These are getting to be rare cars now and although they share a lot of parts with the other 400 series cars the bits that are unique to the 480 are getting harder to find and consequently more expensive. The irony is that over time I'll probably end up spending more than I would have on the shiny red one. I won't have had the satisfaction of doing myself though and isn't that a large part of what our hobby is about? Built not bought. Other than my BX which I bought off here this is the first time I've bought a vehicle without taking it for a test drive. The biggest gamble is that the electrical issues aren't sorted by a new battery and CEM. But hey, what's life without taking a few risks?

      I take delivery Monday, can't wait!
    • By Peter C
      Woke up this morning, had a little time before I had to leave the house for work, had a quick look at what’s new for sale on Retro Rides and saw an ad for a W124 200E manual, located 15 miles from home. I had no intention of buying a car today but I had to have it! I called the seller and arranged a viewing.
      2 x rusty front wings (TADTS)
      1 x rusty rear arch
      Needs a polish
      Tracking is out because new track rod end was fitted for MoT
      Engine has oil leak/s
      Good points:
      It’s a W124 200E!
      5 speed manual transmission
      New clutch
      Brand new MoT
      Superb MoT history
      4 x as new Continental tyres
      Last owner for 15 years, her husband before that for 4 years
      Very tidy MB-Tex interior
      Drives well
      All electrics work
      The dealer kindly delivered the car to my house but I managed a pez station shot on route:

      Remove front wings, cut away rust and apply plenty of wob.
      In-situ similar repair for rear arch
      Clean and polish
      Service engine
      Adjust tracking
      Leave patina and enjoy the car as it is
      I will update this thread once progress is made.









      Hopefully these two will become good friends.

    • By dome
      This evening I venture forth into hitherto unknown lands (Kirkintilloch) to collect my latest acquisition.

      Which, naturally, has issues.

      I have purchased my first line of defence.

      Which appears to have antigravity properties

      More will follow this evening...
    • By Supernaut
      What does a cheeky bid on eBay get you?
      An E36 BMW 316i with two sets of wheels, a DAB radio, an MOT until December, 110k miles on the clocks, a slightly* fucked back box and a bit of grot on the driver's side sill.






      This is co-owned between me and 17-Coffees and our plan is to do a light restoration and just generally piss about with it. It's actually really nice to drive, and is surprisingly brisk for only being a 1.6.
      Yes, the alloys are getting sacked off ASAP as it came with the original steel wheels with all-but-new Toyo Proxes on them!
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