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Tigerfoxes Spendthrift Fleet Picasso HDI Corsa B & E Riley 9


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I have a collection of broken cars and today I thought that after a couple of years it was time to replace the bulbs in the Picasso air con display

This is the 1st time I done anything like this so I hope it turns out ok

So 1st off removed  the end trims on the radio and then pulled the gear lever gaiter and trim panel off which left me with this, after which it was easy to replace the bulbs.

I replaced the gaiter as well and here it is finished.

The more observant of you may notice something missing






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Baby Tigerfox (she is 26) turned up having managed to hit a post and pushed the headlight across so far it broke all the mountings and pulled the connector out so the lights did not work.

Apart from a couple of scratches on the bumper no other damage. Temp repair done and second hand headlight ordered for £20

And I must get the Corsa back on the road, been owned by the family for about 14 years



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So having found the gear knob I lost ( it was in the kicthen)  I moved on to the next small job

I thought I would try a set of these heavy duty mounts and see if they last

10 minutes to fit. Has anybody else had them last or do they fail like the rest




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14 minutes ago, Tigerfox said:

And how do you get the pictures interspersed with the text. Bearing in mind I am can only use I finger at a time as i am not far off my bus pass

Put the curser where you want the pic then add it.

Then press enter a couple of times and you can type under the pic. Repeat as necessary.

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Needs the alternator replacing along with the belt and probably a engine mountingm not capable to do it myself these days.

Its been off the road 3 years I think, but we have owned it for 12 or 13 years and probably too expensive to take to the garage

Got other tat on the drive now, Phaeton Lowline


Corsa Bentley.jpg

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After reading in another post about posting I thought I would do my bit.

Corsa is still on the drive and has been off the road 4 years I think, but having space in the garage now the 505 has gone I will get it in and see what it needs, wont be quick

You will not be surprised to know that a 18 year old French car has electrical problems. Picasso has radio on 24/7 and the heater blows hot on full speed and also cannot be switched off. Going to try remove a few bits this weekend after disconecting battery hoping that resets something.

Riley 9  No progress but I have bought some steel to see about repairing the chassis. Dont hold your breath

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Just tackled a radio issue in my Picasso, it was draining the battery after about 4 days of sitting around, was a faulty aftermarket headunit.

Assuming heaters switch off with ignition? Just can't be switched off with ignition on?

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Radio problem resolved for now as I took it out, so should not drain the battery.

The heater fan is as you say @RoverFolkUs. It comes on as soon as the engine is running and blasts hot air at the top fan speed. The digital display for the fan, air con etc is not working, disconected it but made no difference.

Going to try disconecting the battery to see if that changes anything. I suspect the heater resistor might have failed but dont understand how this affects the radio. Mind you if changing a bulb or fuse is not a cure its beyond my electrical abilty.

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  • Tigerfox changed the title to Tigerfoxes Spendthrift Fleet Picasso HDI Corsa B & E Riley 9

If both problems started at the same time could the permanent live for the radio be touching the switched live?  If the same circuit feeds the heater fan that could put both on (but would probably blow a fuse).

Other than that, curse the Cheese eating surrender monkeys and ask @John F what to do with a Picasso.

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With climate control I suspect the issue to be a bit more complex unfortunately. It could be a faulty resistor that's shorted but I doubt it

Worst case scenario, if the true cause cannot be found, you could just wire a flick switch in series to the blower motor

But my first suggestion is to unplug the climate control ECU/control module. If that switches them off, then that module is fried. If the blower still stays on then the motor is probably shorted internally

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