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Well just got this one for £250 notes, local guy struggled to sell it having been messed around twice on the bay, so managed the deal, it has a few problems being that it on occasion pops out of fifth but I have not as yet managed to replicate the fault, bit of a scrape on the rear wing, has current MOT and a lovely 149k on the clock.

Give me something to play with for the time being....


Semi petrol station obligatory pic.




Rump shot.




Ebony and Ivory along with a bit of brown.




Looks nice but no satnav DVD

Will see if it's a cheap buy or a money pit, but for the money I thought it worth a gamble !!

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19 minutes ago, CortinaDave said:

Wow, wouldnt mind this myself. What a steal at that money.

Scrap price being on the floor is good news for cheap motoring as just weighing in your half decent car is currently not the easy option

I think the lockdown situation helped as someone had won it on the bay (at double what I paid) and then said they cannot collect and didn't  pay.

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42 minutes ago, Lankytim said:

Those look pretty nice, they corrode from the inside out so any blebs or blisters are likely to be full thickness rot.  

Having been trawling the Jag forums it seems the rust problems were rectified in 2004, not that jag fessed up to an issue but the drainage configuration was apparently altered, which may be why mine appear from underside and a MOTers type tap to be OK!

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Well I intended on doing an oil change today, except my local auto factor that is open won’t sell to the public so that thwarted that idea, so plan B, clean the EGR..... the old girl smokes a bit on start up and is then cleared as soon as you drive, hopefully it might help, if not it could be an injector.

Having taken it off, I guess the is what 150k of soot looks like!!




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