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Harrison's Garage - Volvo 480

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The 5th Biennial "Sports-car-or-at-least-summat-with-popup-lights" LeJog Reliability Trial - Part 1

On 4/29/2021 at 8:57 PM, rob88h said:

Part 1 is slated for Sunday 👌😬

Mission completed for stage 1! It was strange to turn up to the visitor centre and there actually be people there unlike the cold December mornings we're used to, but hey-ho.


The 480 is running nicely. Everything making it trustworthy is performing as it should, but oh my days the dash does like to rattle... 

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  • rob88h changed the title to Harrison's Garage - Volvo 480

Volvo 480 - M_AAF - Headlining

There’s not much left I want to do with the 480, but one of those things has been addressing the Bedouin Tent in the back behind the sunroof pocket.


My wife was away yesterday so I spotted my window of opportunity to bring the headlining inside for a bit of a re-glue with some high temp trim adhesive.


It had been raining on Friday and the boot seal is a bit weepy so I also took the opportunity to use her Vidal Sassoon to dry things out before gluing. I only got caught because I put it away properly, haha. It cleaned up easily with a stiff brush and gluing it back together was without drama – only now I’m wondering if I applied enough glue.  Hmm, I guess time will tell, but it was easy enough to remove and re-fit so I’m not against doing it again should I need another go at it. Also I'm not losing sleep over the leak - I intend to make hunting that someone else's problem, with full disclosure, but it seems like all 480's leak or have leaked at some point.



No "action" shots, I wanted to act quickly once the glue was down! While in there though, I got a bonus superglue fix of the interior light, which I didn’t know was broken but now I know is fixed. :D.


Pleased with the results


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I’m probably not going to do owt else with the 480 now, having fixed* my initial mental snag list and because I’ve almost completed the 5th Biennial LeJog trip which was its raison d'etre for being in my collection (Just the majority of the miles still to go, ha).

I’m struggling with the idea of For Sale-ing this one though because I really really like it, probably because my standards are set from a 440 baseline… Alas, I’m currently juggling the Granada, Mini, MX-5, 440, (Focus) and probably more lucky accidents to come. If I’m “done” with the 480, I’m probably telling myself it’s time to sell.


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