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A.N.I.D.A.S. Dreaming of Shite NEW FRED.

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All Night I Dream About Shite

I'm sure a decent psychiatrist would help some of us on here, shite addiction is real. But how many of us have weird dreams about shite - not neccessarily our own either.....


Last night, for some weird reason @chaseracer and @dollywobbler turned up at my house,  after a 10 second phone call of "Are you in?", and rocked up in a 1988 Ford Orion Ghia Injection, in Doom Blue. Image result for orion 1600i ghia

The same as this, only a different blue, lighter, Caspian Blue?, but it definitely had these bin-lid hubcaps on.

For reasons I never really found out, the Orion was to reside with me while our esteemed Shite-colleagues arranged it's onward travel. DW had purchased it from a bomb-site dealer in Tilbury (AFAIK there isn't one) and Mr Racer had remembered I live nearby. For whatever reason, half the dashboard was missing, and a large dash-cam screen was bolted to where the speedo should be. My instructions were to run it round the block every so often, and they'd be in touch. They then left in DW's Fox. 

I drove it round the block, carefully, as it had no speedo, and the dash cam apparently sent the signal direct to DW, who spoke to me through the radio and asked me to stop off at a garage and buy him a king-sized Twix.

Then I woke up.

I think that's it.... someone call me a doctor. 

All your dream-based ramblings gratefully appreciated.

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