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The Doctor's travels through time - Incoming...

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On 5/2/2021 at 6:59 PM, DoctorRetro said:

Well, the Suzuki is gone, what next? 

For once I don't have any ideas, plans, wants etc.

Let's see how long until the money burns a hole in my pocket.... 🤣

Would you like a.......*checks driveway & garage *

Pug 405 estate or a K11 Micra?


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I've decided to do the service items on the Metro.

I normally get everything from eBay, but unfortunately eBay does not recognise that the early Rover Metro 1.1 and 1.4 engines exist. So had to go to Rimmer Bros for the rotor arm and distributor cap. They turned up first, so that was today's job 

Old dizzy cap held on with 'safety cable tie' - screw just span in the hole. Threads look fine, no idea what's up with that.


Tiny rotor arm! Old one a bit worse for wear...


New cap on, screwed in just fine. Not sure whether to reinstall the cable tie ...


Carburettor dash pot filled up too, it's been a bit hesitant occasionally, so was worth a check.

Cute little SU carb!



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  • DoctorRetro changed the title to The Doctor's travels through time - Cap in hand
17 hours ago, bunglebus said:

I take it the dizzy screws are into a blind thread - i.e you can't put a longer bolt through with a nut on the other end?

If not might be worth a dollop of threadlock on them in case one works loose

The old one wasn't screwed in at all, it just span in the hole, which was odd. 


It definitely pulls away smoother now. Love this car!

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  • DoctorRetro changed the title to The Doctor's travels through time - Incoming...

On Wednesday this week my next daily will be being collected...


Undesirable? Maybe less so than a pink Metro.

Slow? Most definitely.

Cheap? Yes.

Poor paintwork? Not sure, haven't examined closely.

Rust? Probably.

Availability of spares? Pretty reasonable.

Will it piss the neighbours off? Again, probably less so than a pink Metro!


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I had an 89 G plate 214Sli once, it was really nicely screwed together, much better than the equivalent Astra/Escort. A mate at the time had a H plate 414 base, I think from memory it had an 8 valve carbed K series. 

I’d love to see who ordered a new car in Saniflow brown though.

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