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The Doctor's travels through time. - Extremely camp


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1 minute ago, Noel Tidybeard said:

that front roof bar is in the rong place full stop- should be about 1/2 way along door top

I know, I didn't put it there, and it's had holes drilled in the door frame to secure it. I will move it at some point 

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Actually did something to improve the Rover today, rather than ruin it. Fitted the spare bumper. It was no mean feat, as the old bumper was so twisted that I could not get to the bolts properly. I ended up cutting bits of the plastic out. Then found that the brackets on the car were bent, as well as the new bumper. So after a little bit of crowbar work, got it all back together. Put a new number plate on, to tidy things up. 





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13 minutes ago, TheDoctor said:

It's fine, I've got my safety tape on there... 

That'll make it hurt less then ??

Are you planning on carrying extra wide loads, maybe get another rover on the roof rack ??

As far as neighbours, mine do/don't do plenty of things I don't like and I'll let them know when I think they are being unreasonable, if they don't like what I do they've only got to say so. Those that don't say and just bitch about me get no favours or assistance. But those that are reasonable get plenty of assistance and I usually end up out of pocket!!! I'm sure I'm doing something wrong ?

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I speak to most of the neighbours, I get on with most people. The neighbour with the flashiest car in our block has a brand new Jaguar, and he likes to come out and chat cars. My next door neighbour has a good chat every now and then, he drives a 2008 Fiesta with 213,000 miles on it, and it's a 1.4 petrol. The neighbour with the Golf is the upstairs neighbour, who have been a bit difficult to deal with, they aren't the most considerate, but he's always messing with his car (he's a mechanic as fare as I know), and we do occasionally exchange niceties. The only neighbour who probably disapproves is a miserable old woman in our block who doesn't talk to anyone and goes around with a face like a smacked arse all the time, even if you're nice and say hello etc. But everyone knows to just ignore her. Feel sorry for her really, you never know what's going on in someone's life. 

Anyway, I digress. 

Where were we? ?

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40 minutes ago, Andyrew said:

Also i checked in here to see if those 2 or 3  excess coils have been removed from the springs Or if the correct springs (possibly around 45mm shorter ) had been fitted.


It would appear not


I am disappoint. 

Sorry, I'm not going to lower this one. Been there, done that, got the damaged spine ?

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Went out to take Dominic back to his mum's earlier, and I was greeted by a clicking and no starting. Oh. 

That will be from when I left the lights on the other day. Crap. I knew the battery was a bit weak. 

Cue a social distancing jump start with my neighbour's 1 series BMW. Thankfully that was a diesel too (We tried his Aygo, but that was a Nogo.)

So, new battery on order. At least its working for now. 

I think my habit of driving with the lights on no matter what may have to stop, at least until I figure out how to make it alert me to leaving the lights on. 

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