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2 hours ago, mat_the_cat said:

I hate to be the bearer of (slightly) bad news. But it shouldn't *need* a clip to retain the return hose, although it's not unheard of for people to fit them. A small amount of LHM is designed to leak past the seals, for lubrication, hence the return circuit. But what happens when things wear is that more and more leaks past, until the return circuit can no longer cope, and pipes blow off.

You'll probably be just fine with a clip for a good while, but I'd keep an eye out for a spare strut. I suspect the days when I was lucky to get £10 for one on eBay are long gone though! (Something else I should have hung onto!)

The pipe felt VERY loose, and a bit perished, so that can't help. 

Also, and I don't know if I should admit it, but I was moving forward ever so slowly into the parking space as I let the suspension down, not sure if you aren't meant to do that.... 

I'll keep an eye on things anyway. 

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Wouldn't do any harm, it's just a pipe that's popped off, it happens.  My estate popped a pipe in the same area (might have been the same one) and it still got me the handful of miles I needed to go without running out of brakes, pas, or lhm.

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