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Collection thread , another one SLK 230 Purchased

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Excellent thread. Looks like a really good purchase. I was tempted myself but would have been the wrong type of car. Head ruled the heart and I'm after an estate.

Looks a lovely thing though.

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There has been a bit of an issue

My wife's car was a B class Mercedes but since I got the berlingo I hardly ever drive it, she walks to work so the only trip it was making was to her mums 3 miles away , I saw DPF problems on the horizon and could do with the money so sold it

She wasn't happy with the van so I thought convertible , showed her the pictures, she showed her usual interest in cars, a 10 second glance and yes that'll do

when it arrived on the drive she didn't say a word, yesterday

I thought it was a 4 door family car


Car is great though , I'm not over electric roof anxiety yet  :D

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