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Tragic news, Richard's funeral date 1st April

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22 minutes ago, beko1987 said:

I don't have discord. Hope it went well? 

No need to sign up, just bung your username in, nothing much has happened so far. The discord will hopefully act as a virtual wake in the meantime while lockdown is ongoing.


The ceremony went wonderfully, it's exactly like he'd want it. Unfortunately no time for my request of Pink Floyd's Time to be played, though likely for the best.

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4 hours ago, willswitchengage said:

I somehow missed this thread. I met Richard at my first SF in 2014 and got a lift to the chippy/museum in that awful Volvo automatic.

I can't see it's been posted yet so enjoy this photo of the team in merrier times.


I've been here a decade, and I can only name 4 people in that photo. 


Must try harder. 

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