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Subaru Impreza Sport SOLD TO PEAKY BLINDER

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Bought this off Bramz last month, done a few hundred miles in it.  Perfectly reliable, school run kaos etc

But had some sudden and big household bills loom, so having a big sell-off


MOT is only to end of this month though. But everything works - all windows, no dash warnings; it's been a handy and hunky dory motor car.  Interior tidy.  Exterior pretty clean, bar the odd knock and scuff and arch bubble.  It's not a shed by any means.

History file though up to a point, recent bills for service items, but cambelt roulette.  132k.  Tyres are about 18 months old, but they are budget ditchfinders.  I intended to keep it, wanted this exact spec for years, but will have to let it go after all.

It will need that dicky front caliper replacing as the stickiness comes back after a few days after freeing it off.  Discs look to have little time left on them too.  Bonus is being the non-Turbo it has drums on the rear.  Synchromesh scratchy when cold, clutch feels a bit crunchy action but plenty of meat there

Bonuses are: it's green, it's the estate, excellent heater, it's AWD for snowzombievirus kaos, got insurance cover it on classic multicar policy (Hagerty) as now it's old enough 1998

I just need to get my money back.  It owes me 400 notes.  Can go today

Yes, the number plate is now fixed properly


Located M1 corridor Watford <> Luton

£7 a ticket or 3 for £20


I'm keeping the Alfa 156 Wagon for now 

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1 hour ago, Mr_Bo11ox said:

I'd like one of these, but I would not be able to help feeling like a proper knucklehead driving round in it. Is that still a thing or are these past that stage now?

Well past the stage.  It just looks like an mildly-warm Avensis, parked out there.  'Sport' is the Grandad version after all.

Not once in all these weeks have I had some knobber try and play the traffic light grand prix tease.  So no, well out of fashion, well off the radar.

Anyhow, Footman James didn't want to know due to age... but broker Hagerty are underwritten by Hiscox and their computer said yes.  I did have to speak with the broker though, but no fuss otherwise and sits on multicar classic policy alongside an early Alfa 33 and a Leyland Princess.

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