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Corona has arrived! (Toyota Corona EXiV Rescue)

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On 3/21/2020 at 8:00 PM, Spottedlaurel said:



I just realised these are the same chassis codes for the early 90s Celica, with the UK cars being ST182 and the GT4 185.


I didn't know they reused chassis codes across models, even closely related cars like the Celica and Corona.

I suspect your Corona is the ST183 due to the 4WS, often seen on import Celica convertibles or the odd JDM GT-R of this shape- not exactly common but they appear on eBay more often than you might expect. 

Edit - looks like there was a 3SGE "fast" version, though I'd have thought  there would be an engine bay picture of such a thing. I also wonder why that book says "1.8FE" ? I can't recall if they did a 1.8 "S" engine . If they did it must have been replaced by the 1.8 "7A-FE" as found in later Celicas and Carina Es (which have the "AT" code to reflect the different engine family).

Can you tell I'm off work with not much to do? :D

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