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Porsche 924 red


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17 minutes ago, grogee said:

Here is my semi-employer's 924 asleep in its bubble. It's an early LHD one with 8000 miles (or km, I can't remember) on the clock. AFAIK he never drives it, which is a shame, although he has other Porsches (with engines at the wrong end) to drive. 


Wooft, what a honey! I'd love to try an early 924. My square dash 944s were some of the best handling cars I've driven so the purity of one of these really appeals

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16 hours ago, inconsistant said:

Oh wow thats close! What chod are you rocking so I can keep an eye out? The Warlingham classic car show in July is usually worth a visit. I also pop to the Black Swan Oakham breakfast meet from time to time, next to J10 A3/M25 so only 20mins up the road. 

It’s been a long time since there was an Autoshite Kent/Surrey/SE London SMOL meet. Maybe we should organise one?

At the moment a rusty MK4 Fiesta but soon I will be back in my dark blue E36 Cabrio. I went to the Warlingham show last year actually and was pretty impressed with the variety, even if the parking chap didn't consider my car worthy, but a rocket bunny E46 was! Do let me know when you're next heading to the Black Swan as I have heard of it but never made it down.

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