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Porsche 924 red


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8 hours ago, inconsistant said:

That’s pretty good going, how did you guess not just the model but the actual car? 


Ahh, well, I’m currently in hospital with a lot of time on my hands. The internet is a world of endless possibilities and rabbit holes to go down, including the occasional OC forum ?

Anyhow, this is magnificent. Already there is a lot of love being shown for it here.  I particularly love the carpeting on the centre console in that interior. Is that a “Lux” feature?


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Fan flappin tastic. 
Well done that man!

I was really worried when I read about you letting the white one go. I was thinking to myself ‘he’s going to really regret that’ but seeing this...

Wow! And the Pasha interior I’ve always dreamed of for one of my 911s. 
Safe travels back and more pics please!

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