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Porsche 924 red


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Damn, no crumpets so a hot cross bun will have to do, even though its way too early. Both in the 6am and the February sense. Here we go then...


As I’ve written in my 924 thread, I’m going to sell it shortly. I ‘accidentally’ found a car I really want a couple of months too early but it’s too good to pass on so I’m (hopefully) buying it now before I’ve sold the 924. So sit back and be bored as I travel across Britain to collection a car. First leg is a green train to that London.


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Wigan achieved




Hopefully the only welding I’ll be looking at close up today.0294E267-A052-4922-9B5F-5ECDC736B152.thumb.jpeg.eab79e223680c1d51d21ac0677e698f4.jpeg

Time for a spot of lunch before the next leg. It’s a football day today apparently so all the pubs are packed. I’ve found one thats empty, which must be good sign, and ordered a pie & chips. 


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The pie and chips was, er, challenging.  They were pushing the definitions of both ‘steak’ and  ‘pie’.The steak was hard and a bit crunchy and the pastry was soft, I’m sure it should be the other way around. 


Final leg, train towards Liverpool, but getting off along the way at a place called Garfield. 

Train seats very purple and jazzy.


Early 1980s



bottom of the model range



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