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4 minutes ago, purplebargeken said:

The new guy has picked thr Rspace up. He said the Haydock Service Centre bloke told him that no-one wanted to touch it. Fucks sake if you dont want the job then say instead of wasting everyones time. Arseholes.

Funny business the gaffer is running there - asking his staff to do a job and them saying "nah - don't fancy it".  Still, I guess if they're busy enough you take the easy pickings first.

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Second gatage seem much more on the ball, they work on Sierra Cosworths and so on, seem like genuine folk. The original garage were borderline rude and unhelpful they didnt even really want to help them to pimp up the tyre.  They seem to have pinned it down to an air leak on the intake side. They were saying that if they cant get the gaskets then they will make them themselves. They have already replaced some tired cracked hoses. 

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