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From 95-97 my family lived in France and my parents swapped their black Volvo estate for one of these in an odd shade of turquoise. I spent  many hours in the back of it breathing in 95% diesel fumes on the gridlocked motorways  north west of Paris.

My dad also had an 80s Renault 5 followed by a VW Polo (the one with long rear windows like a hearse).

The Espace came back to the UK with us and was driven until it dramatically ejected its coolant around 2003/4 with some ridiculous mileage. A bloke bought it and was going to replace the engine.

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You  really need to speak to Paul Cunningham, down in Worthing..

He is an absolute encyclopedia on things 80-90’s Renault, and knows these like the back of his hand.

He has broken loads and has immense knowledge on cross compatibility.  
He is a jobbing  early Renault  mechanic too, if you get stuck. A damn good one! 

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14 hours ago, purplebargeken said:

Fuck, who wants to go to Cheshunt.....

Yep, does indeed sound like the resistor pack, anyone know where the little blighter is located?

Unless this is subject to "because french" silliness it will be in the heater system downwind of the fan.

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Brings back memories, my dad had J582BCH as a new company car in 1992. Metallic red 2.0 RXE with some tasty brushed aluminium wheel trims, and oddly some groaning front brake discs that the dealers had trouble sorting. One of the first mk2s registered if memory serves. It had a slightly wierd chunky number plate font and was straight from Renault I think.

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On 2/19/2020 at 2:06 PM, BorniteIdentity said:

Tremendous. I saw this being hawked around but didn’t look at the price. 

Does Mr Clutch have a good rep there? Some seem to be dreadful and some quite brilliant. 

Mr Clutch of Oxford did a Sportrak clutch for me and didnt fill the transfer box with oil afterwards.
It was too old to be covered by any warranty apparently.


Your mileage may vary but I filed them under C after that and havent been back.

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