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Gompo's Ganderings (spotted thread) - 12/2012

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Epic spottage work, Gompo! Keep at it.


I used to think those early Scoupes looked like baby Mk2 Sierras when I was a kid! You've posted that pic twice btw, but I'm not moaning - love it!


I did have some bother with pb myself a few weeks back, but I went back to the 'classic' look, so it's almost as before. I think an update of Adobe Flash helped too. Other than that it's fine. I like the way the codes pop up when you hover, then just click to copy them. Just check your uploads are set to go to the right album before you click to select them.

I don't like the way Flickr insists on posting your user name and caption under every image - it's distracting. They can be removed, but it's a faff.

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Thanks Joe., S-coupe replaced!


I have kind of given up on PB and now use FlickR but don't bother with posting them here. Contemplating paying for 'Pro' although agree I too am not keen on the links under photos. Easy enough to get a direct image link though.

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Welcome back, Greg! Still got the Integra?


Hi Jon.. Thanks! Never fully left but just haven't got the time any more; and possibly like yourself find MS more my kind of place when I do get that time. Obviously the Ebay thread still draws me back now and again..


Sadly the Integra went a couple of months back, decided I needed something more civilised as I'd been gradually using it more as a daily - It did still have a couple of the same R888s it had on when I came to your old place; they didn't even kill me when we had all the snow a couple of years back!

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