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Further SVM non-Volvo shennanigans. A diary. PARTS HOARDING!

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This was a Braw day out - good for the soul!

When it fired it was pure elation - like we had discovered fire or something:)

It's a cracking wee car, and should make a most excellent conveyance once suitable tinkering has been undertaken.

Also props to the ML for being gentle enough to tow it out without snapping the dog collar, and for providing battery charging duties.

Special mention to Maw_Flowers for the much appreciated cup of coffee at the end of the shift.


If I could figure out how to do this full time and pay my bills I would. Felt like an internal combustion version of Tony Robinson!

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7 minutes ago, skattrd said:

Nice work chaps, easy on the throttle with an engine that hasn't been run on nigh on 20 years Mr_Flower.


Fuu'shoe, or fuck aaff:)

Seriously though, it was needed to stop it conking out - essentially running on cold varnish.


Sounded much happier once warmed up!

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I absolutely love that, it fits in so well with my love for small Citroens.

According to Glass’s guide Turbo D cost £10,346 in 1992 and Jul 92 they were then discontinued in favour of GRTD that cost £10,185 and in Aug 1993 Sceptre Turbo D was introduced that only cost £9370.

Some years ago I did own a 205 GRD, I was at an auction standing by it and the price stalled so I put my hand up and it was mine. Turned out to be a good car in spite of never really looking at it.

Peugot 205GRD front.jpg broad.jpg

Peugot 205GRD rear.jpg broad.jpg

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14 minutes ago, skattrd said:

Nice work chaps, easy on the throttle with an engine that hasn't been run on nigh on 20 years Mr_Flower.


If you watch the video very closely and keep your eye on the throttle linkage... the throttle position was at idle and it kept revving. Probably because all the injection pump internals not having proper lubrication in 15 years. I'll be hoying a 5L can of modern fuel in the tank in before it gets trailered to Cumbernauld to try and liven up the mixture a bit. It bloody reeks as it is.

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1 minute ago, 320touring said:

My chaps would test it no bother, and not too far from where you'll be billeting it

Sounds like an plan. Priority #1 is to get it shifted. Priority #2 is to get the V70 serviced in preparation for it going to Fort William at the end of the month. It'll go to Voltech in Bridgeton 'cos I want the gearbox oil doing and it needs to be hooked up to the Volvo computer to do it properly. Fucking moderns.
With the trailer hire at £47 a day from Stirling it's going to be fairly cheap to shuffle the 205 every now and then until it get itself more roadworthy.

Just now, HillmanImp said:

I need to get out more. Logged on and saw the avatar... .


... and realised DavidFowler had commented and excitedly went straight for it as I knew it would be good. Not dissatisfied. 

Heh. hehehehehehehehehehehe. I may not post very often but I make sure it's good when I do.

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22 hours ago, davidfowler2000 said:

I don't reckon it'll be TOO bad. If I can find a tester that's mental enough, I may just put it through an MoT to get a fail sheet to work from.

Definitely the way to do it. Always good to get a second, professional opinion. I've got fixated with fixing/improving things and been caught out with other things i'd missed. Get it running with minimal expense and chuck it in to see where it's at.

Be aware you only get 10 days for the retest though, you might end up rushing to get bits ordered/fitted like I did with the exploder

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Wednesday 12/02/2020

So 7 days on the trot at work finishing with two backshifts. What's the best thing to do when you come home absolutely humped? That's right straight to bed, up earlier than normal and go get a trailer to move a car. Trailer booked, as mentioned previously, for hire. £47 a day with insurance from Stirling Trailer Centre is pretty decent.


The SVM Industries Eco* Friendly* turbo staff car will be doing the work today. It has a detachable towbar from the factory which is pretty nifty. The V5 states the max braked towing weight of the car is 2000KG but I've read somewhere the detachable towbar is only rated at 1800KG. Still, a ~600KG trailer with a (maximum) 980KG car should not pose any issues.

Time to head to East Kilbride where the car is located. First stop is MAW_df2k to pick up the car key for the 205 and the lockup key. Also have lunch of some sort 'cos I've had bugger all to eat and it's currently snowing.


The 205's not far away. Other side of the street in fact in a lockup round the back of some houses, down a lane. There was more parked cars than I would have ideally liked but I did manage to get it turned in the space available.


Right time to dig out the 205 and load it up...

IMG_20200212_125259.thumb.jpg.4e9417fec8a0b828124f70342b7f7e37.jpg   IMG_20200212_130127.thumb.jpg.72bcf7ba99483c73acf7e77b979b63de.jpg   IMG_20200212_133148.thumb.jpg.2f900ff05033527acbe876cc4767fe68.jpg

IMG_20200212_133325.thumb.jpg.81450b70adb172289dc556819dd32841.jpg   IMG_20200212_133424.thumb.jpg.58b3b63519fe8f78f7604bf782d0856f.jpg

Load complete. Next stop is my new lockup in Cumbernauld about a 30 min drive away at sensible speeds given the weights involved and the weather. Estimated weight of the trailer and the 205 is about 1600KG and the car is about 2050KG with a driver so estimated train weight is 3650KG so that definitely requires a B+E license. 300bhp on tap and all wheel drive should keep things safe in the snow too. A trip down the A725 towards the motorway is the first order of business and even driving at 50mph until I get the feel for the trailer, I was still being held up but idiots driving at 45mph on a 60mph dual carriageway. Anyways I pull off at the last slip before the motorway to do a strap check.

IMG_20200212_140840.thumb.jpg.38618262173dd1ae1147e7d295cd56d3.jpg   IMG_20200212_140858.thumb.jpg.ae9d05d4c861a8c5d63183bbe32f9979.jpg

Everything's fine so it's onwards to Cumbernauld with my new rear outlook. I decide to forego the M74 / M73 route just for something different so it's further up the A725 / A8 / M73. The highlight of the journey definitely being hearing the prolonged T6 roar going uphill on the slip from Baillieston Interchange to the M73.


Cumbernauld achieved. Time to get everything unloaded again...

IMG_20200212_143443.thumb.jpg.40e97d8125902405d7e07ca3fdc747ff.jpg   IMG_20200212_143949.thumb.jpg.f3bc94c9ba19930b9e459cca00bc7475.jpg   IMG_20200212_144005.thumb.jpg.fc9489e063f2148f0b9c90cc098ab5be.jpg


All done. Time to put it away until the weather gets better and I can do something about it. First course of action will be to sling it in for an MoT so I can get a fail sheet to work from but that can all be dealt with another day so time to button up, take the trailer back and head home.


Home achieved. Time for a well deserved tea and Kit Kat. Oh aye... mind how I said 2 of the doors wouldn't close, that issue was resolved* before transit.



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23 minutes ago, chaseracer said:

Maister Flower, I have discovered my 205 workshop manuels; one is the HBoL for the Peugeot diesel engine (inc. turbo), the other is the Porter 205 service guide.

Would you like them?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.


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      Next up are the wheels. I now have a set of 205 pepperpots that have just gone off for powder coating & I need to get some tyres for them. The handbook says the car should have 165/70R14s on, the wheels came with 185/65R14 on. Any thoughts about what size I should get please? Cheers.
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