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SVM Industries final days?

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14 hours ago, RobT said:

Do you have too many cars now?  If so, relieve the burden and sell the Proton to me...I'll look after it.  Promise.

I reckon that a deal could be doable as I do need to move stuff on again, if you're interested...


Every time I get to a level I'm happy with I go and blow it. I've still not even collected the one I bought at the start of the year yet.

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1 hour ago, cms206 said:

I reckon that a deal could be doable as I do need to move stuff on again, if you're interested...

Yes.  I've PMd you m8.  Peter James deem it suitable for my classic policy, so that's the only potential hurdle overcome.

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1 hour ago, Saabnut said:

I have the remains of a 53 plate estate in the correct colour that will be heading to the yard shortly if you want to raid it for parts....

Did I ever tell you that're you're my favourite Nick? Out of all the Nicks? Absolutely.

I could do with a nearside front wing and a front bumper in Chilli red if such items are not dreadfully fucked... most of the rest of it is okay I think. I'd like a full size spare too but that may be harder to come by.

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A common fault on these is the abs reluctor ring breaks due to corrosion underneath.

Easy enough to fit DIY for a few quid.

Mine was like that and caused all the dashboard lights to come out and play.

Uksaab forum has a wealth of knowledge for any other subsequent issues.

S - something

A - almost

A- always

B - broken

Enjoy. (These also respond well to a remap. Google Saabnoob if interested)

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