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SVM Industries final days?

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I can still mind buying a network wide all day ticket on First Glasgow for £1.95

Me and my mate tested it by going from East Kilbride to Glasgow on a 20, to Lomond Shores on a 205, back to Glasgow on a 204, to Hamilton on a X1 then back to EK on a 201

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... so what is it?

It is a 2005 9-5 Vector Sport in 2.3 185bhp auto flavour. The dashboard is lit up like a Christmas tree (nothing important, something about imminent brake failure and horrible death). It all seems to work, no knocks or bangs and it pulls fine throuhh the gears. It is sitting on it's arse but it'll be fine* I'm sure.

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8 minutes ago, Inspector Morose said:

Pair of springs if the rear camber isn’t too way out (if it is then trailing link front bushes and rose joints I’m afraid) should see it less saggy.
Don't worry about the warning lights, more important is that the cup holder mechanism works!


Welcome to the dark side, you took your time.

The cup holder works.



The OSR wheel is all the way inside the back arch...

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Top darts that looks great and red Saab's is for winnerz. Bodywork looks to be in much better condition than mine and from what I've seen mechanical parts are a bit cheaper than those for similar Volvo's so you should be just fine. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh at the end of the month?

PS My cupholder doesn't work properly #SADFACE.

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12 hours ago, cms206 said:

The natural thing to do with this now it's been collected is go on holiday in it, four up with the dog.

The Saab has a broken spring and has decided to get a bit horrible and vibratey at 65-plus.

Cheap Saab was Cheap, and the beat goes on.


Also 90 quid to fill the fucker.

That's why I had to get rid of my Aero. £90 for a tank which got me at most 350 miles. Painful.


... Still want another though.

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