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70s-90s B road blaster

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1 hour ago, hpi_matrix said:

Went and did a buy, sorry no collection thread as it was pretty near by and I got it recovered anyway.





Needs an oil leak sorting and MOT, but my god does it shift.

Pics not working for me?


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On 2/3/2020 at 10:21 PM, Matty said:

Do you not reckon he'd struggle to find one? Ford sold more Edsel's than that ?

I'd never heard of the Edsel until I read about it in a newspaper glued to the table in a trendy cafe in Austin Texas. MrsREB thought I was a nutter for reading the table at great length!

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On 2/4/2020 at 9:03 PM, SiC said:

The MGB on paper is a loaf of cack compared to anything more modern. But I still get the most enjoyment out of it. I find it absolutely at best bombing down a B road, at legal speeds (probably well under...) and having an absolute ball.

I pinched my Dad's B roadster when in Blighty a few months back. Nipped down to see a friend in Tunbridge Wells and was probably the nicest drive I have had in quite some time. The sun was out and there was something totally endearing about its simiplicity.

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Has anyone mentioned 205s yet? A 1.4 on sale on here for £500 at mo, they are one of the most fun cars I have ever driven and can be chucked around in an obscene way. The 1.4 is far from underpowered due to the tiny starting weight. The gti would be out of price range I think, but for a cheap fun car they are perfect. My next favourite would be a Mk1 MX5 but decent ones are getting thin on the ground at sensible money.

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14 minutes ago, hpi_matrix said:

Forged 86mm pistons
Stock rods
T28 Chinese turbo
Magnecore red leads
Brembo 406 V6 Brakes
Big fuck off oil leak & no Mot

You sir have bought the top of the pile. Epic late-Project Drive torque steer goodness.


Does it even have an air filter?


Still registered as a 1.4 right?

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