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Friday collection day, and Sat, Sun, Mon (and now Tues) deliveries

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Fresh* from a flight back from Schipol yesterday night, I'm off collecting today

A few clues. 

1. It's not mine

2. It's the most powerful car I've ever driven on the road

3. I'm taking it further away from where it needs to get to

4. This caper will involve multiple shiters

First of all, breakfast of champions




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Prob no help at all so sorry if teaching to suck eggs etc. 

On my 07 Outback and all UK Outback/ legacies of the same era (so seems likely foresters too) the immobilisers are all aftermarket sigma M30 units fitted by the dealer on import to meet uk insurance requirements. You get 30 seconds to start after unlock before the immobiliser kicks in again. If unlocked but immobilised turn ignition on all way (e.g. fully powered on but not turning starter) then press the button on the key while still in ignition. 

if key not working, immobiliser can be turned off using the alarm key pad if you can find it which is usually (on legacies) under a flap near the steering column. You do need the specific alarm code for this however but mine was helpfully on a card in the document pack in the glove box. Good luck! 

Edit: I've just checked the alarm manual and it does indeed say that it covers Foresters from 2003 -2005. If that is the case and it is a Sigma M30 I've got the manual here as PDF if you want me to send it over. There are options to turn off some of the most silly features. 

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The first of what will be many visits to a station of petrol (and diesel if you're that way inclined).


The first leg is 50 miles or so down to the south coast to rendezvous with Stanky and then learn and quickly forget again how to operate the immobiliser and alarm on the Subaru I'll be collecting from him for delivery to it's new forever home.

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And off into the sunset, safe drive chaps and thanks for letting me have a go in one of these! My first 4wd car, most powerful and biggest capacity engine driven on a public road and the only car I have ever driven with a dog guard fitted. 11.9/10


Further updates to follow from our intrepid team later today

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