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Anyone else on google earth?


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Sadly not a lot of my assorted nails on Google Earth, as they've only done a few sweeps round here.

A screenshot from July 2014 reveals KAZ, the Laguna bASe, on the drive of Casa DC not that long after I acquired it:


I peeled all the giffer-stickers off the windscreen before too long. The blurring also helpfully disguises some of the dents and stuff.

Also nice to see next-door's Corolla TT, which was written off not long after this when a Transit t-boned it and put it on its roof (no injuries, thankfully).

My only other Streetview image is further back again, from August 2008, when The Poor Old Escort (as it was known) is shown dumped near the place I was renting in East Belfast.



Massively damaged nearside not shown. Touchingly, it seems I've made sure the steering wheel Disklok is fitted. Can't be too careful...

I'd hoped I might also be able to find an image of the Cortina Estate I bought in August that year, but there's nothing visible. I also can't now remember the seller's address (somewhere in Cambuslang) so I can't even navigate to Streetview for Glasgow and see if it's parked at his place, alongside his rather nice Marina Coupé.

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Google only visited us once, in 2010. Strangely these images were not accessible for years, until after the local Authority eventually adopted the public areas of the estate from the original developers then as if by magic you can now “drive” past my house:


Starring my then girlfriend’s MGF and the brown Sierra,


my fathers Volvo 850 AWD and a Yamaha Neos I briefly owned,


and the pile of shite XR2 with its taped over sunroof repair proudly on display. 


What the place looks like today for comparison - fence replaced by wall, manky old Fords replaced by modern German kid-hauler, and mildly interesting driveway ornaments replaced by an 8 foot trampoline semi-permanently blocking access to the garage (which in 2010 housed an early Sapphire Cosworth and a Peugeot Sum Up 125 scooter).  Changed days. 

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