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Double Kollekshun Day


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Today started off nice and sunny and I have loads to do, so decided that I would waste* the day doing kollekshuns. I still lack a fully working heavy duty tow car, but as the cars are only 30 miles away, albeit with the first range of the Grampian mountains between us, I decided to use the Disco DI (still no T). It is slow but reliable and the steeper hill is going there when the trailer would be empty.

Firstly the car for the "Shiter who shall not be named". Started first touch, drove out of the yard and onto the trailer fine. Will take it for a proper run sometime, but it feels fine



And back at Chez Saabnut


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As it had taken longer than expected, I did not stop for tea and just turned round and went back for my own one. The fleet reduction is going swimmingly* This one also started first go and drove onto the trailer, but I forgot to take a picture at the far end, so one just before unloading


For some reason it seems much better than I had convinced myself it was, probably due to my not wanting to oversell it in the flash sale! Of course, on the way back I switched on the radio in the Disco and was disgusted to find Vine on the radio, despite it being 14:57. I then remembered the clock in the Disco is still on BST so I would have had time for my cup of tea after all. A couple of pics back at chez Saabnut:




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