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Sportys year in shit(e) midlife hairdresser crisis.

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Thought I might have a go at documenting my shite this year. I'm not sure itll be interesting and maybe there wont be much to see, but here goes. 

Started January by selling the Alfa on here. Got the Saab back from Mrs S, so needed to get her something.  

Browsing Facebook,  and our very own Cavcraft popped up, with something to fit the bill. So today, I went to the legendary lock ups.....



A deal was struck, and we drove away in a slice of Ellesmere Ports finest. 

Now at Sporty Towers. 



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Can't believe it took as long as it did to sell the Saab, lovely looking car that. Looking forward to seeing what's next, any clues?

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I was thinking that maybe you'd bought the V70 d5, but that's not a short collection, it'd be more of a middling one. Is it the bora tdi then? 

My old bora is one of the cars I did the most miles in, around 85k. Despite all of their faults they're a decent mile muncher. Bilstein b4 shocks and Audi A3 sport seats made mine more suitable for me. 

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1 hour ago, outlaw118 said:

FFS Man, I'm betting you're kipping in the back of that van!

Nah, she's getting used to it. It's not like she has to drive it. 

1 hour ago, SRi05 said:




1 hour ago, yes oui si said:

Want. White bonnet and bumper, better wheels and lower pls. 

It's already nice a d low at the back, but it needs a drop up front. It will get this.  Quite like the wheels, and as for the bonnet...... CARBON FIBRE YO

51 minutes ago, 320touring said:

Assume it is still an SDi?

"Do you even vape bro?"

Yes, it's still an SDi. 

No, I'm not a hipster. 

48 minutes ago, Cavcraft said:

Image result for bruce forsyth higher

No. I'm right to go lower. And will be doing so, even though I'm probably far too old for this shit. 

Junior Sporty loves this van  so it's going to be a bit of a lad and dad project. As he's only 9, this will possibly involve snow camo wrap! 

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12 hours ago, loserone said:

Cutting it between the spring compressors seems brave, especially one handed

I'm not that daft. That was purely a taste of things to come. 

11 hours ago, Cavcraft said:

It does actually suit it being slammed. 

That's the spirit. You'll be in a Golf on coilovers in no time! 

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