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Solent Eddyfest/Cannock: OFF

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That might be how it works out.  I have no intention of taking silly chances - you would go a long, long way to find anyone more risk-averse than me! - but while the bookings are still in place it's still happening.  If I'm notified of hitches with our bookings though, then it's all off.

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59 minutes ago, eddyramrod said:

I accidentally caught Boris on the news this afternoon talking about 12 weeks.  Not looking good!

I know. I’ve been watching all of the government updates and keeping a close eye on it all and I’m shitting myself if I’m honest! The scenes and numbers coming out of Italy are absolutely awful, and they reckon were only a couple of weeks behind them but following the same path.

I really do believe it’s time to stay in your homes and isolate yourself completely for a couple of months. I actually can’t believe I’m living through this! I never thought I’d see anything like this.

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I'm a bit surprised I haven't had cancellation emails from the caravan park or the Premier Inn yet.  Given the way things are going, there's only one thing I can do really, which is call this off.  If I end up losing the money I've already laid out, well it could be worse.


Be safe, everyone.

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    • By trigger
      Yo! I've been nominated (many times) to organise a shitefest next year, considering i can't even organise my own life then this could be a challenge but I'm happy to try and arrange something if there enough interest?.
      I've made enquiries at the Rose pub where we hold our East Coast Retro car meets on in Shotley near Ipswich, Suffolk (IP9 1NL) and she's more than happy for us to use the field over weekend for £5 per person per night if sleeping over, there are toilet facilities and the pub does good grub plus they have a large room for us to have a meal or maybe a quiz on the Saturday night?.
      I've also spoken to a friend who's a volunteer at the Ipswich Transport Museum and even though the museum is closed to the public on a Saturday he can't see no reason why we can't have the museum to ourselves for a private tour around and even the possibility of a bus ride on one of their historic buses which I'm sure a few on here would really enjoy.
      Now it's obviously early days yet but what i need to know roughly is how many of you shitters be interested in this and i need to give the pub a date as their field is getting booked up so that we can secure for our chosen weekend.
    • By Saabnut
      Anyone else going? UKSaabs is having a show there again this year, so do stop by and say hello.
      One of the advantages of having a stand is you get a code so your club members can get a discount on admission prices on the Saturday and Sunday. Not a huge amount of saving but anything is welcome. They insist that only members can get the discount code, but as you lot are all* members of UKSaabs if you want the code, drop me a PM and it will come back by return.
    • By egg
      Thought we'd try and get a Sunday afternoon meet in before the clocks go back.

      Usual Cafe on the A249 northbound. I think it has changed it's name again when I went past this week, so no website link for now (was Mickey's Rock Café and then Bangers Diner).

      Note your interest here.
    • By Frogchod
      As title, my home town so I'll be going
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