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My £100 Skoda Felicia (estate).. it's all so tyresome..

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It's done 38,000 miles now and I've almost did 1,000 of them since I have got it so its time for a mini celebration




very good.

Also today a package was just dumped at my door without my oil to go with it :( did someone take it? who knows. i'll find out soon..... thank you DHL and ECP :(


at least i got the oil filter...

now just waiting for the tyres to be sent out..


goodness me such boring updates! the gearbox hasn't blown up.. or anything exciting like that.. hmm.. did you guys know that an entire episode of still game was dedicated to the Felicia Estate yes.. look


this is the 1.3 I think? and its the older model before the face lift.. I recommend watching :) its one of the better still game episodes imo 

and thats all i have for tonight bye 

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16 minutes ago, DodgyBastard said:

It failed, I'm not planning on fixing it.

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I would have bought it off you as a parts car for mine... I just don't have anywhere to keep it :(  I could probably use the thermostat housing and temp sensor out of it tbh (assuming its compatible with the 1.6)

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Tyre drama


seems like they won't send them out cos I used an ebay discount code lol whatever m8


Are these any good? I'd rather have the rainexpert since 99% of the time its pissing down in scotland but I feel a bit miffed about the discount code thing.. so I don't want to buy them even if they are still cheap. 

in other (better) news I got my oil!

photo_2020-02-12_21-57-24.thumb.jpg.f38bc51025c5874d1feacfcaea88c4ae.jpg £7.94 for 5L of oil.. nice :)

I had some left over full synthetic but I decided to get this cos it was cheap and less chance of there being more leaks cos its used semi synthetic all its life .

Need to get a replacement fog front bulb now and whatever else I need to fix this running too cool problem. 


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Going to keep an eye on this page and see what comes up since I need some random bits. The skoda pictured has had a hard life by the looks of it. 10. yes TEN owners :D rip. I'll see if a petrol model and same type as mine pops up.



The script should warn me and send me an email if the word "Yesterday" (since upull it only has limited search options) appears in the Felicia search and i'll jump into action! 

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