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Forgotten 70’s and 80’s Japs

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On 1/7/2020 at 1:39 PM, ChinaTom said:


I wonder where LAH 304P is now, and what condition it is in. Last time it passed it's MOT was in March 2009. It was on the Driftworks forum c.2009, in lovely condition. However people urged the owner to modify it (fucking chavs), let's just hope it hasn't been modified. Those mid-70's Mazdas are quite sought after in Australia, and are incredibly overpriced. Saying that, I spotted this one for sale near me that I quite like the look of, will obviously need some work. 1978 929 Automatic, lasted priced at $3500 AUD (roughly 1800 quid).


Should I give it a go?

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