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Kiltox’s YouTube Shenanigans - 22/02/2021 - TOYOTA SUCCESS!

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39 minutes ago, Kiltox said:

Trying to clear the backlog. RAV4 MoT was due tomorrow so I chucked it in for a test at the first place I could find with availability - Halfords Autocentre 😬 

It passed :D. Now taxed and tested (it was on disabled tax, so I’ve had to sort that out at the post office and tax it for 6 months 🙄)

The invoice had a link to photos of a sort of live action photo shoot :lol: 


Show off. :( 

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8 minutes ago, loserone said:

Wonder what they were doing with the lights off.  Any of them called Stu?


Is that now up for sale with a well worded advert?

It’ll be for sale once the V5 comes back but that might be a while - tax class change so it’s off to sit in the DVLA twilight zone for a bit. 

Immediate plan is to lend it to my FiL so I can service and MOT the bASe Dacia Duster - thinking some “UK’s cheapest SUV 4 years/40k miles on” type stuff might be forthcoming. 

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1 hour ago, Kiltox said:

It’s been pretty good so far - hasn’t needed anything. Don’t even think it needs front tyres yet. 

Had a new drivers seat cover under warranty, that’s it. 

Does the front seat rock back and forth when it's at it's lowest setting?

I test drove a Duster years ago, a new one, and it did that. I thought the seat was broken but the guy got me to sit in the showroom car and it did the same thing. 

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Look forward to an update on your Duster. Mine hasn't turned a wheel since I had to hand it back nearly 2 years ago. Its finally been MOT'd though, possibly had an accident of some sort.

With the back seats down they are like a van, quite a big one at that. A proper estate with a cuboid shaped loadspace. The seats gave me a migraine on long trips though, although pretty much anything triggers one in me😅

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