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FEB: Rover 75 Tourer! - 2020: The Year of (mostly) Terrible Cars - A Shit(e) Odyssey

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23 minutes ago, Kiltox said:

I didn’t collate the mileages from the invoices because they weren’t always present but “up to 20k a year” seems to be the answer from the MOT history. Hardly mega annual miles really. 

Depends on the type of tyre I guess. My 200 coupe got through Avons in about 15k, but did over 20k on the Nexens that replaced them and we still fine when it came off the road.

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24 minutes ago, Kiltox said:

Is it a bad idea to up the power of a 255,000 mile, 18 year old car?  I guess the new owner will find out.... although I won't be doing many miles in it!


Good test. Was always a bit suspect of the claims for these types of things. Good to know that even an elderly high miler could see a difference

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