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    • By Sheldon_Classic_Britian
      Hello Everyone
      So I thought I would make a topic about my YouTube channel and my cars and project. So for those who don't know 4 years ago I bought my first car a 1975 Rover P6 2.2SC manual and I made a video on the car and then I made another and another and it became popular ( God knows why LOL!) and people started subscribing and people really seamed to like what I was doing so I carried one and it never really stopped! So I created this topic to connect with some viewers and two see your cool projects and no it does not have to be a Rover! Mostly I just want to chat to people about there projects swap ideas and chat about cars and of course if you have a cool car that I could film that would be great =)  
      Thanks for looking and look forward to seeing your cool stuff! 

    • By Jewel25
      Hi , my 115,000 mile Rover 45 needs some attention behind the front wheel arch area. I know this is a common rust trap on the HHR . Question is , does this look fixable? I'm in the Leicester area and I'm looking for a trustworthy place to take it . I need to inspect the other side to see if it is the same. 

    • By AndrewD
      Hello, this is a subject I touched on in my intro posts. I have a Corsa B that requires welding where the rear springs meet the underneath of the car. While I realise it is the least favorable method of welding for car repair, I would like advice on using a stick welder for the job.
      My reasons for doing so are 1) I have access to one, all be it untested. 2) If it does not work, it is cheap to replace. 3) The consumables are cheap. 4) They work fine outside, I have no garage. 5) You can get rods for various metals, so it has scope to play around as well.
      Has anyone tried to do this type of work with one? And can it be done?
      The picture is of the current issue that needs fixing, but if I can weld, who knows where I will look to go next.

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