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Infrared collection thread. Engine running! . 5.3.20

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Oooops I did it again......was a song produced two years after this automobile. I told myself ages ago that I’d thin the fleet down and cut down spending ...... it didn’t last long. If this new purchase is a worthy keeper then I may part with the 50 quid omega. But let’s not be hasty yet!


transport steed of choice is my 05 discovery and a trailer, no pics yet as it’s still pitch black outside. 

Poo count = 1

Blood sugar level = 11.2

distance to go = 88 miles

setting off at 7, keep posted for updates. 

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4 hours ago, Six-cylinder said:

Communication, I was just about to send out a search party 2 1/2 hours to do 88 miles and not heard of again!

88 miles turned into 115 for some strange reason. Twat-nav also took me back via some dirty B roads and even tried stitching me with a single track road....ffs. Was glad to get on the A14/M1/A50. Landrover performed faultlessly and averaged 26mpg, usually get 23 round town. Can’t wait to set into this beauty. Mrs Sutty loves it already. 

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6 hours ago, loserone said:

Weetos are a vastly underrated cereal.

They’re are the lowest sugar cereal out there, any less sugar and you’re eating weetabix cardboard etc. 


Mondeo now dropped off trailer, weathers been fine till I got home. I’m now soaked 😂

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Just now, DaveDorson said:

Glad you're all unloaded safely.  Was a bit of a game getting her on.  Best of luck with the car fella.

I managed to get a thin bar through the wheel spokes and jimmy the handbrake mechanisms off a little, rolled a bit better off the trailer then, 

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On 7/11/2019 at 1:49 PM, sutty2006 said:



8 minutes ago, sutty2006 said:


That was confusing.  Good work!


These were the MD's cars when I was a stoner working as a valeter at a Ford dealer, and I have quite fond memories of ragging them up and down the A1.  Not quite as fond as I was of the early Fiesta STs, as we shifted LOADS of them.

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3 hours ago, NorfolkNWeigh said:

IT must be a measure of what an old fart I've become when my first thought was; Why would he want that when he's got a 2.3d Carlton?

My music taste is even weirder 😂


But at the same time, I’m getting kinda bored of diesel. I’ve had diesels for nearly 10 years now, with the odd petrol as a fun car. The only petrol car I’ve had on the road properly in the last....ummm....10 ish years has been my manta. So as they say, a change can be good for you! I hope haha 

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So today I took the 096 back to Halfords and got a refund. The calcium battery they sell wasn’t in stock and it was 120 quid before trade discount. ECP has the correct battery for 54 quid on discount so I bought rear disks and pads with the cash I’ve saved. I’ll be buying bits and bobs throughout the next couple of months then hit all the mechanical stuff at the same time. So for now, it runs and I’m going to give it a clean and collect a list of all the parts it’s missing. So far 

- battery clamps and poles

- battery and fuse box cover

- stereo, has one but it’s not for this dash

- exhaust is toast have sourced a second hand Powerflow system. 

- springs all round next on the cards to buy. 


The boot area I think has been used as a builders van. So that’s the first to get cleaned. 





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    • By snagglepuss
      Didn't bother to do a collection thread as was a 30min drive so fairly boring.
      Yesterday I won this

      Which is effectively going to replace the civic and the xantia.

      Picked car from a bodywork guy in foreign lands (Yorkshire).
      First thoughts are that I think it has been sitting for a while but started straight up. Apart from service bits and potentially a cambelt everything seems to be good with it. Comes pre dented.
      Current is differently abled tax so that will need to be changed.
      Windscreen has small crack in passenger side.
      Runs really cold, this is after 30 miles of motorway

      Mind you it honks. Properly honks. Not as much as the focus I got from Shadow but not far off.

      List of jobs
      Oil change
      Spark plugs
      Air filter
      Rear boot struts
      Front discs and pads
      Cam belt plus bits
      Ball joints
      Drop links
      Rear anti roll bar bushes
      Stereo code
      Windscreen crack
      Swimming pool emptied from boot wheel well
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      This went well:
      New tyres were procured and fitted

      The in-game tank pump was pulled out and a new filter fitted

      Then I got in touch with my Inuit side, using brand new* magnets to undertake "tank shite" fishing

      A full check over and a couple of test drives showed it fit to play.
      We set off for sunny Oswestry, only to have both front calipers sticking after 120 miles. Some water and time to collect down saw them free off and cause no further problems.
      Upon getting just past Tebay, it started running rough - nicking into Todhills rest area and luzzing in 10L of fuel had it running bang on for the next 70miles before it died.
      This was the final scene on the way home.

      I got to bed at 00:45, and left it to sit until today.
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