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Another Saturday Kollecktshun

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As I am determined to reduce* my fleet, and it is over a week since my last collection, I am off again tomorrow. This should* mean there is only one outstanding collection that I hope to complete before the end of the year. Does give me an excuse not to do the end of year stats though...

I have just loaded the straps into the Disco, hooked on the trailer and tested the lights ready for the off. Trailer required as despite being MOTed and running, it has a fault that prevents driving. It is likely to be dark when I leave, have a photo as it was getting dark tonight.


As for the collectee, I have owned one many years ago, but at the opposite end of the trim/performance level, though did not drive it much. The last one I swapped for a 1987 V12 XJS, the latest one was purchased for scrap money.....

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I am going to have to forget live updates when doing road collections, being on my own means I would have to stop to send, and that defeats the purpose of "Getting Brexit Kollectshun Done"

Really hard frost this morning as seeing how the Disco has an air warmer rather than a heater, some de-icer was used and by the time I reached the road I could see where I was going! No pez shots as I filled the Disco yesterday so 125 non stop miles later I reached my target. Hellos were said and the beast was coaxed into life for the first time in a few weeks, we were not sure it would start without assistance but it did. Warm up continued whilst I deployed the ramps then it was driven to the trailer:


As the rain/s;leet/snow held off, loading was completed tout suite


And it would not be Autoshite without the compulsary Woollard shot


Pleasure to meet Mr Hedgehog, sorry I did not have time to stop for a brew but I still do not trust the Disco yet and wanted to make sure I was back in daylight. Turns out I need not have worried, no problems encountered but I am now convinced the only thing the Turbo is doing is adding weight and occupying space under the bonnet. Will need to investigate.

I have no idea what I am going to do to the forum bike 205, but really did not want to see it baled. Just what I needed, another project! :-)


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And before anyone points out that I have the wrong number plate on the trailer, I can assure you I had the right one. OK, it was on the back seat of the Disco, I knew there was something else I had to do when I hitched up! It was only looking at these pictures now that I realised. Oh well, I don't think too many nuns/kittens died and with no turboing on the Disco, there was no chance of speeding! :-)

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1 hour ago, snagglepuss said:

How many owners now on that pug?

According to the V5 I shall be number 11 but there are some missing  :-)

1 hour ago, snagglepuss said:

 Glad to see it getting a chance at love

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

It may live but will be used and abused - you have seen my track!

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39 minutes ago, Tamworthbay said:

Everyone should own at least one 205 at some point, preferably more.

This is my second. The last one I had was in 1998 and was an F reg GTi 1.9 with low miles and minty mint. This one is a year newer but could not be more different!

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