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A long time ago, in a Galaxie far far away

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Insight. Foresight. The clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight:

What a motherflippin' car. Everyone needs to buy a MK1 insight right now. Thanks to @Jim Bell for being an all round cool guy and giving me a shot of his new pug 205.



Direct. Light but responsive. 



Modern, airy, TARDIS-like. I'm 6'1" and 19 stone. I didn't fit properly in an MG ZT but this allows me to fully extend my legs and I feel well supported. I managed to sleep in it as I found myself locked out of the flat at 2:30am




Weird af. The really long gears take a long time to get used to especially when combined with the tiny petrol engine. It's not slow but you have to plan things well ahead like motorway sliproads. 



Tight. Short throws. Notchy



A bit shit. Fair enough.



The history is interesting, the first owner was a part-owner of BMI and it was registered to a £2mil flat in London. The second owner was a director at a green energy company and kept every bill including the original autotrader ad. Insights say 'subtle wealth' to me now (excluding me)



It needs the battery drained, recharged, drained and then recharged again if I've done my research right. Just need to wait for a parking spot within reach of my window.

I averaged 70mpg on the 170miles home. 

I managed 86mpg on the way back from Stirling with a little effort and no assist. I reckon 100mpg is possible on a long night run.


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The future is now (20 years ago). Neat car is neat, impressive display of warning lights. 7/10 would know somebody who owns again.


Set about seeing if this thing will ever get an MOT again.




It's not actually dire (I mean it is, but y'know), starts and runs sweetly, has floors and sills.


Some prior repairs were of... Questionable quality. Some of the metal used in the thing's construction is thinner than I thought possible in an automotive application, I've cooked chickens wrapped in thicker metal...

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