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A long time ago, in a Galaxie far far away

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Light switch installed, dash put back together and lights no longer flickering. Dash backlight now working too. Big shout out to whoever suggested rockauto.com. 

Parking post also reinstalled after being ripped out and taking a Nissan bumper with it. No more parking space fear!

Shite weather in G town so took the bimmer. It's the poor man's San Fran. Check the angle of this hill. The lines on the building on the right should be level.



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Found this vid whilst looking at early 70s musclecar stuff.

A very Chevrolet-biased comparison between the 1966 Caprice 396, Ford LTD 390 (same shape as 4-door Galaxie), and the Plymouth Fury VIP 383.

Vid was intended for Chevy salesmen and for 'demos' to customers.

Check out the mpg at a steady 40mph. (Not quite as bad as it looks, multiply mpg by 1.2 for UK gallons).

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Try the next size up imperial. If you've got sockets you can bray it in. If not try cut a slot in it and use either an impact driver or if you have a screwdriver with a hex shaft you can brace your weight against it and turn it with a spanner.

Failing all that, drill it out starting with a size that fits the hex so you stay centered. You only want to take the countersunk head off so when the disk comes off you still have a stud to grip and wind out. All good fun pal, nice E39 by the way ?

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I'm a complete cheesewank.

Didn't tighten all the lug nuts well enough.

Wheel was VERY close to falling off, I reckon 100m more would've seen it come off, but I caught it at the right moment just outside Penrith. Almost brought the wean for the trip too. Valuable lesson = learned. Whew lad.

If you want a decent recovery service near Carlisle, Auto Recoveries were fantastic. 



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