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1 hour ago, juular said:

I suspect the knock code is a result of the faulty O2 sensor allowing the fuel-air mix to drift out to the point that knock occurs (or almost does), after which it's probably running on some default / limp home setting to prevent engine damage.

If you can get the sensor out (it'll be the front one at/ under the manifold for extra joy) you can test it with a blowtorch and a multimeter.  As it goes in and out of the torch flame you should get a reading smoothly shifting between two values (usually 0v - 1v) without any spikes or strange voltages.


Always worth checking the earth points on these cars. Most of the ones I've found on our 1999 LS have been really shit.

I've got a vacuum gauge here somewhere if you want to make sure there's no leaks. 

The odd thing is the EML comes on INSTANTLY when you go full throttle.

It comes on before the gearbox has even kicked down. 

I dunno if the knock sensor feedback loop is that quick?

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