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A long time ago, in a Galaxie far far away

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  • 4 weeks later...

Right. NO GALAXIE UPDATES...yet...

Crashed the Jag by sliding it slowly into a kerb in the snow and bent the subframe mounts. Chalk it down, buy winter tyres next time. You can see where the force of the hit shook off all of the shitey slush.

Absolutely gutted because I really liked it and so did my missus. Subframes are cheap, fitting them is not. There's a mysterious new oil leak, a buggered engine mount and the air suspension was down. I may try get this fixed.


That metal should be straightIMG_20210109_215041.thumb.jpg.4f5ac8477abf6f4d175f90395104beae.jpg


Volvo had its work done and has full MOT:

New pads and discs all around.

ARB drop links

Radiator fan working as expected

No error codes


Insight now has full MOT as well. Needs protecting from the salt though. Some advisories for minor crust to things like the Matiz rear springs. It is an excellent backup car 

I also found some old pics of my ex-cars






Including the time I found a lock knife hidden in an Octavia I bought


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Liked for the MOT successes and not the Jag subframe. At least it was just a kerb and you don't have an insurance claim for sliding into another car. Something similar happened to me 5 years ago and I considered it a success being able to get a tiny amount of steering input and pilot my out of control car between the two parked cars it was heading for and into a wall! Some damage to my car, the wall survived and no insurance claim. 

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No progress but some current pics to give an idea of what's needed. I haven't moved this in donkeys. 

- Small bit of rocking to free up brakes

- Check all fluids

- Pump fuel through new filter to see if there's any more crap in there

- Check spark plugs (lots of carbon)

- Pump accelerator to see if fuel reaches the carb

- Turn over...almost fires up

- Check points (had to order feeler gauge but distributor, points, condenser look brand new)





Broken Lidl ratchet no.2




Saw this sexpot Jag again in Morrisons. Phwoooaaar.


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On 12/21/2020 at 6:58 PM, sdkrc said:

There won't be much to write home about until March with the Galaxie. She will be daily driver worthy by summer though

This wasn't just empty promises ^ 

Massive shout-out to the insane pace and quality of work done by a certain Mr Nuttz - @GingerNuttz, all of the work here is by his hand. 



The parts I'd sliced out weren't cutting the mustard, large swathes of the floor were pitted and on their way out.




Previous bodges exposed: skin over skin on a rear door sill. 



Now looking fresh af



The crusty window seal was giving me the boak in-case it was on a similar scale to Eddie's Huggy. 

It seems I got lucky however and the body filler wasn't extreme but only covering a small hole.




In other news I've quit my job because it was shit and I hated it. Progress on other cars will be limited until I sort out more employment.

I was hoping to move the Visa and begin work earlier this month but that will now be pushed back a few months. 


The Jag is still sat in the car park waiting for some love. I start it up and run it occasionally just to remember why I have it.

I ended up going through the insurance. It was a pain in the arse but the payout covered what I paid even after buying it back and the compulsory deposit and my premiums are down 15-20% on last year. Win I guess?

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