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Rusty VW bothering - MOT day - whoop whoop


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Well today went well. I’d just finished adjusting the handbrake, having finished rebuilding the rear brakes, when I used the sill to slide myself out from under the van. 

Except rather than metal, it was a bit like sticking my hand in a bag of mccoys crisps. Crunchy. 

It started as a hand sized hole, but then I picked it…..


its very subtle, so like the MOT man I’ve added yellow marks! 

 A quick tickle with the knotted brush in the angry grinder and it was soon approximately leg length. Really I need a new sill, but only have 10 days until I go away in it, so it was out with the 3mm sheet, and a rough but very robust repair was fashioned. No photos, as my phone had gone flat after using it as a torch!!

Got it all plated up, zinc primed, painted and under sealed, which is handy as I have a trip out tomorrow to pick up new (to me at least!) wheels and tyres for it. 

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So next up is tyres. 

I was aware that the MOT man wasn’t overjoyed by the age of my tyres, so after a bit of good luck I scored a 10 mile set of tyres on decent wheels for less than a set of tyres would have cost. Result. 

Having inspected the old ones closer I had two firestones, a continental and a Yokohama, with between 4 and 8 ply construction and varying amounts of tread. 

The firestones look surprisingly good:

tread - 6mm, uniform wear


side walls not particularly perished:


but the date code is a shocker:


they are a week off being 25 years old. Think me and the last two owners got good value out of these! 

The other two were virtually new in comparison, being only 18 and 20 years old .

The actual wheels are off a Brazilian Bay from 1998, so are in much better condition (and newer than my old tyres!) 


The old wheels had a worrying amount of rust where the centre is welded to the rim, so we’ll pleased to be rid of them! 

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  • rusty_vw_man changed the title to Rusty VW bothering - the oldest tyres in town?

Right, everything fixable I know about is fixed, the rest of the family have packed. I have euro breakdown, a credit card and a covid pass. Its therefore time to get ready for the off for this little trip in it - a mere 3700 mile trip to the arctic circle...... lets see how this goes. 


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  • rusty_vw_man changed the title to Rusty VW bothering - Scandi adventures

The long trip north has commenced - around 1000 miles in now. 

Stats so far:

MPGeees - 21 - at average £2.10/L. Whelp. 

Countries - 4

Oil use -  Exon Valdez quantities. I’m like the Hansel and grettal story, but with oil drops rather than breadcrumbs. 

Old chod spotted - 4 hill man imps on the ferry from Hull, nothing at all since. The Dutch, Germans, Danish and Swedes all drive new (mainly Germanic or Volvo) vehicles…..

Heading into Finland next, where in the past old chod ruled, let’s see what it’s like now. 

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  • 3 weeks later...

So made it - 3180 miles by van, 1182 miles by ferry. 

Issues with the van were limited to a split in the seat that rapidly unravelled, which I expertly* repaired 950C27DB-E01D-49E9-B8BD-35646110287C.thumb.jpeg.c336d12084308c602bb6ac4d6b91e3af.jpeg

And the bastard exhaust gaskets again. @cobblers had suggested before that these are subject to erosion of the head when the gaskets leak, which appears to be the issue. So a quick fix was required, featuring expory metal putty, oil and a new gasket - smear of oil on gasket, little roll of expoxy metal on head, bolt it up and it seems to have filled the holes. May or may not be a long term solution, but it did 1000 miles just fine so far. Work area for the repairs was basic, but worked well (and was the right way up in real life, won’t turn round for some reason!) B5F040DA-80C0-4222-A9DE-E99B1244FE57.thumb.jpeg.b2d866aaf26098d134b638a3f9655470.jpeg

Plus a bit of oil use, traces to a leaking gasket on the mechanical fuel pump, which was sorted and oil use returned to more acceptable levels. 

Driving wise, Finland is a joy - this is the main road or motorway* north


and this is the same road 2 hours later


Finland is still the home of old chod, although I was mostly driving so photo ops were limited, these are typical style (lowered, big modern alloys and very variable body work) 


and this old Scania turned into a camper 


It never got dark - here we are at 02:00 camped up (excuse the circus tent!) 


and here we are at the wife’s family home CB22A69D-F39E-45FB-B51E-50E9BFB36C84.thumb.jpeg.7da18204ef0215cddb8bb7762648e1e3.jpeg

went to the local diy type shop to get supplies for a couple of projects - never seen so many car tools in one place - brake cylinder reamer anyone?


also welding gas, car puncture repair kits, valve compressors and all sorts of other special internet stuff.  I pointed this out, but apparently everybody needs such tools…..

given the darkness this is the biggest car mod I saw (apart from the electric plug in engine heaters on all cars) 


this chap appears to have just self tapered some home made mounts to the front of his car, which was a common approach even in new cars!

I have a pez shot at this station - on the arctic circle, but it won’t  upload, so have one without the van in 


When camping we do have the most autoshite of cookers - you fill it with unleaded, pump it up and after a few seconds of uncontrolled fire it starts to vapourise and settles into a roaring blue flame - it’s terrifying and efficient in equal measures 


Did 6 ferries - most had a cut off height of 2.4m for cheaper tickets. I measured the van with top box at 2.4m ish so took a punt - it was quite tight, especially as the car deck flexed as you drove on it…5F12012B-DD32-4060-B774-665A347DE2C7.thumb.jpeg.b299964a9b3bc5703c2136db99fbeef2.jpeg

the return was much the same, with the exception of this rather fetching AX in a German services


so back now, looking at a few improvements including new more comfy seats, and possibly a wash:


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1 hour ago, rusty_vw_man said:

Finland is still the home of old chod, although I was mostly driving so photo ops were limited, these are typical style (lowered, big modern alloys and very variable body work) 

Now I do not know Finland but if they are like in Norway, there is probably a good chance that these are cars owned by younger people. While young people in the UK drive around in shopping trolleys. This under have been the common first car among Norwegian young.


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45 minutes ago, Dyslexic Viking said:

Now I do not know Finland but if they are like in Norway, there is probably a good chance that these are cars owned by younger people. While young people in the UK drive around in shopping trolleys. This under have been the common first car among Norwegian young.


Yep, all driven by younger people - that Volvo would have fitted right in. 

Also a lot of American chod - again mostly driven by younger people. 

Seemed to be a 50/50 split of men/women driving them as well. 

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  • rusty_vw_man changed the title to Rusty VW bothering - MOT day - whoop whoop

Been trying to get an MOT booked, but all the local garages are quoting weeks for an appointment. Took a punt on an MOT only place a bit further afield. 

I hate MOTs. I maintain my vehicles well, but the MOT just gives me the fear, they always have. I think it’s the apparent arbitrary nature of what each tester views as a pass or fail. 

Anyway, after a buttock clenching 45 minutes I have 289A1B42-41D2-43C0-998F-F96C2BA15EF1.thumb.png.25fd375af4335c8288fa08db50068ad1.png

not even an advisory. 

I am a very happy man!! Might treat it to some new shocks now, using them money I had mentally set aside for MOT repairs (man maths…). 

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    • By tommotech
      Having fetched this French delight from deepest, darkest Norfolk (well Norwich actually) in an underwhelming collection, for no other reason than the van was scooped up onto a trailer for its journey home, it was time to see what was needed.
      I knew a RH side load door was needed, luckily an item was procured for £20 from a guy breaking a Scudo. I drove across to Swadlincote in the van and it proved to drive well, as expected from wuvvum’s write up. On the way home it started surging when the fuel level dropped below quarter on the gauge, again as expected.
      Door was fitted and adjusted on return, it was even the same colour!
      During the week I looked at the rear doors and fettled and adjusted the locks / latches.
      Today I dropped the fuel tank and found a loose baffle, along with crud in the fuel pick up / tank unit. A road test will be the proof of this repair.
      I also achieved a working temperature gauge today and changed the power steering fluid out.
      The to do list includes a coolant flush, new tyres (cracked side walls), new discs and pads, LH door slider and lock handle, a deep interior clean and removal of the ladder rack. In the meantime have some photos.



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      I think the Broadsword fleet has become sufficiently complicated to merit a combined thread so that gradually all new additions will appear in one place.
      As of Sunday 17th March the situation is interesting.
      Two Citoren Xantias (remember the white Xantia of Excellence is for sale people!)
      A turquoise XJR6 pending overdue-collection (need that gone now!)
      An XJS 3.6 manual project which will get in high gear soonish. Wont be a keeper but will be fun getting it back to something presentable. Drivers fantastic!
      A Range Rover P38, which is turning out to be really rather good.
      And to mix things up even more I'm off on a collection caper today. Had first refusal on it and was expecting it to come around in a year, but things soon changed and no way was I going to pass up on it. It may well render the second Xantia redundant as I've got a really good feeling about this motor.
      In the meantime here are some snaps of the Range Rover. As usual it was a car I said I would probably never buy due to their reliability*. I have said the same of Jag XJR, XJS, XK8 and I have had all of those now. Basically the moment I declare buying a particular car is impractical or improbable, I end up buying one.
      Things to note on the P38. It's a nice colour with tidy body. The EAS has been removed. It runs and drives lovely and it doesn't have enough electrical problems to hinder progress. The main one is the driver's side window not working, but that should be fixable. I've tried changing the outstation, that didn't fix it. Might be wiring under the seat. Other than that I bought it and took it for an MOT the very next day, and it passed. Since then it had what seemed like a battery drain, but since unplugging the RF thingy for the remote locking and putting on a proper lead-acid battery, which the car can actually charge, unlike the modern lead-calcium batteries, it has been perfect. I will treat it to a full service soon.
      Stay tuned for the latest collection later today!

    • By Zelandeth
      Well I've been meaning to sign up here in forever, but kept forgetting. Thanks to someone over on another forum I frequent poking me about it recently the subject was forced back into my very brief attention span for long enough to get me to act on the instruction.

      I figure that my little varied fleet might bring you lot some amusement...

      So...we've got:

      1993 Lada Riva 1.5E Estate (now fuel injected, as I reckon the later cars should have been from the factory...).
      1989 Saab 900i Automatic.
      1987 Skoda 120LX 21st Anniversary Special Edition.
      1985 Sinclair C5.
      2009 Peugeot 107 Verve.

      Now getting the photos together has taken me far longer than I'd expected...so you're gonna get a couple of photos of each car for now, and I'll come back with some more information tomorrow when I've got a bit more time...

      Firstly...The Lada. Before anyone asks - in response to the single question I get asked about this car: No, it is not for sale. Took me 13 years and my father's inheritance to find the thing.

      Yes, it's got the usual rusty wings...Hoping that will be resolved in the next couple of months.


      Next, a proper old Saab. One of the very last 8 valve cars apparently, and all the better for it. I've driven two 16v autos and they were horrible - the auto box works sooooo much better with the torque curve of the 8 valve engine. Just wish it had an overdrive for motorway cruising...

      Next up a *real* Skoda...back when they put the engine where it belongs, right out the back. In the best possible colour of course...eye-searingly bright orange.

      Seat covers have been added since that photo was taken as it suffers from the usual rotting seat cloth problem that affects virtually all Estelles.

      Then we have possibly the world's scruffiest Sinclair C5...

      Realised when looking for this that I really need to get some more photos of the thing...I use it often enough after all! We have a dog who's half husky, so this is a really good way of getting him some exercise.

      Finally - again, I really need to take more photos of - we have the little Pug 107.

      Included for the sake of variety even if it's a bit mainstream! First (and probably to be the only) new car I've bought, and has been a cracking little motor and has asked for very little in return for putting up with nearly three years of Oxford-Milton Keynes commuter traffic, before finally escaping that fate when my housemate moved to a new job. Now it doesn't do many miles and is my default car for "when I've managed to break everything else."

      I'll fill in some more details tomorrow - I warn you though that I do tend to ramble...
    • By Tickman
      First some background:
      I was brought up with no car interest, a car was transport and nothing more which resulted in a selection of poor cheap cars being the cars of my youth.
      Fast forward many years (just over 9 years ago) and I have a wonderful* Vauxhall Vectra estate to carry us about. Unfortunately it is crap and throws fault codes at us with nothing being there when it is checked (even at Vauxhall)
      As Mrs T is the main pilot of this chariot with the two little miss T's on board, it has to go.
      The hunt is on for the new steed to safely and comfortably carry the family around. I have a company car at the time so big journeys are not an issue.
      ebay is my weapon of choice to find the new family car. It has to be good value cheap for no other reason than I am tight.
      Weeks of research with lots of cars that are too expensive and too far away for easy collection end up in my watch list.
      Finally a possible is spotted in Fife. I go and have a look and find a poor looking but solid car. One previous owner and lots of history.
      The auction was to end on the Saturday at midday, we were going to be out! I decided on how much I was willing to gamble on it and on the Saturday morning I put in my max bid but straight away it went to my max bid, I was winning but it had three hours to go with no room for me to go up! We went out anyway.
      I spent the next three hours kicking myself for not bidding more while we were out as it was the first car I had seen that fitted my criteria. Fate was in charge.

      On returning home I go straight on ebay to find 'Congratulations.............'
      For the grand total of £500 I had just won this fine vehicle!

      It has 5 months MOT and after fitting seat belts in the rear for the girls car seats it is pushed into daily service.
      My gamble and subsequent use results in a perfectly reliable car that actually does what it is supposed to do.
      Even more importantly Mrs T loves it so a win all round.
      All my cars have names (most are earned over a bit of time) and this one is called 'Gwendolen' ( G reg car and from Wales originally. I hate the name but I am not going to argue)
      That sums up part one, more will be along later (probably much later)
    • By vulgalour
      Fackin oops.

      My goal was not to buy any more cars but with the Lanchester out of action while we work through it and make it safe to use, and the Princess out of action and needing the engine to be removed (a job I am procrastinating about, and when I'm motivated am thwarted by schedule and weather conflicts) it was getting more obvious that I needed some personal transport.  Something basic and reliable that I know my way around, that's going to be cheap to buy and run.  This is an ideal candidate, on paper.
      Whether I really can just use it as An Car or will end up getting all finicky about making it nice remains to be seen.  I just want some hasslefree pootling for a few months and normally Maestros are just that.
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