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Panda Alessi: Avril Lagreen

Aston Martin

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Hello everyone!

I've been watching this thread for a while now as I've been trying desperately to find an Alessi in good condition. I'm pleased to say that day has arrived!

I've picked up this little beauty last week (I paid way too much, but I honestly didn't think I'd get the chance again). She's in fabulous condition, with only 19k on the clock. I've taken her in with the intention of looking after her long term (much to the disgust of my neighbours and wife).

Gave her a good clean inside and out. Machine polish, some fancy synthetic wax stuff on top. Replaced the rear water squirter, unclogged the front water squirter, new wipers all round... Uh, I think that was it... Oh, mats, some new mats and an air filter.

I think she looks great now, and is probably the best condition Alessi I've seen (the shocking saturation of orange doesn't really come across in the pics)


As you can see the rear window is quite faded. I thought about removing it, but I would lose the yellow tint inside. I also thought about some body coloured vinyl, but I'm not sure yet.

And now the question everyone was waiting on. Does anyone know where I could find a spare dust cover for the wheel trims? I have three in reasonable condition but would really love to find a set. Did someone here 3D print ones? Can anyone offer me some assistance in completing this wee beastie? Ideally I'd get another full set because I am 100% sure I'll lose another one eventually.

Plans for the car? Not much really, keep it looking and driving well, look after it long term. Mostly just have some fun it it as it's a wonderful little thing. Can't drive it without a smile :-D 






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Did we ever find a source for those rear quarter window decals? Mine are a mess. 

I’ve been wracking my brain for a solution. I sourced some similar coloured vinyl, but it’s not opaque enough. 

what I’m thinking of doing now is cutting around the yellow tinted section and painting the outer glass. I think you can get glass compatible primer, then I’d just layer on the orange car paint.  

many other ideas?

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On 7/15/2021 at 10:43 PM, djim said:

Would something like this work do you think? 



Interesting… I look into it

i may have found a source for some very rare Alessi bits - I’ll post here again if it pays off

also, wee sticker on the back makes me happy


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I'm not going to bore you all with the second pass of her mot. 

The car had done 12 miles tbf, but required a new battery and it's been stood for several centuries.


For the MOT I...




£80 or maybe £90 I spent on a bloke to wash the outside and clean the mouldy seats please. Well, the seats are still mouldy and the job he did outside was fucking rotten. It was raining, but a £5 Polsk wash would have been better.


And now lil Avril has finally got a UK passport and so the Polish girl, who came via Jersey.... she's here to take other people's jobs and to sign on.

With her, very possibly....  the only Alessi registered on a 2007 numberplate. 🤔 



I'm not gonna sort the plates out until next weekend as the car is taxed. But not on the system yet. 🤷‍♂️


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So the dvla..

With the number plate, insurance websites say "Hey, this brings up 3 panpans. 

Panda 360

Panda Eleganza Manual 

Panda Eleganza Automatic"


The paperwork from dvla obviously says manual. 🤷🏻‍♂️

They are technically Eleganza manuals.


But here's the rub, one of the insurance companies said "yep, import" as does the V5.


Which I think is bollocks, they're UK cars that were never registered here... But are from the UK. So yes, OK it's an import. 🙄


I did try and register it as an 'Alessi' which appears on insurance dropdowns and the dvla told me to go fuck myself.

But, it now appears as a taxed and moted car and it has added the jersey mot history into the car. Which is nice.


Number plates on Saturday.

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Anything supplied new through a Jersey dealer will be absolutely a normal UK spec, type approved vehicle. Including this Panda.

Where it used to get a bit confusing was if something had been bounced around the Crown Dependencies, usually if someone moved between the islands for work, and after a while the "date of first registration" could get lost due to the authority only recording "date of PREVIOUS registration".

Case study: my wife's Astra. New 2010 to local dealer as demonstrator. Couldn't shift it locally so sent it to Guernsey for the branch over there to re-home.  Reimported to Jersey 6 months later... as a 2012 car.

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25 minutes ago, doug said:

Spotted this in 2019 in Malcesine. It's still here in the same place in 2022.40ac3cc3424c2caa5b248ff226d478bd.jpg

Sent from my SM-A127F using Tapatalk

I stayed in Malcesine for 2 weeks in 2007 and the whole area was overrun with 4x4 Pandas, MK1 and 2. It's pretty steep around that part of Lake Garda. 

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