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My Superb saga, its on the up! and now for sale Sold

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Glad you got out of it unscathed financially. Like you say, a really nice thing and immensely comfy. 

I was quite active on the Skoda forum at the time and the Edition 100 models were really popular but always seemed like a bit of a labour of love. Was yours the tiptronic auto? They allege they're "sealed for life", but all seemed to pack up in similar fashion. 

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Good decision.

The moment you see a single broken or cut wire on something this age it's time to run away as rapidly as possible.

This is the era of cars where installing an aftermarket head unit can break the traction control and make the rear windows take on a life of their own, because anything and everything talks to anything and everything else...

Shame though as the Superbs back then we're quite comfy old things.  Each subsequent generation has got a little bit firmer...to the extent that I really didn't notice much difference when the A6 went back and the current Superb L&K that's in the drive arrived (housemate works in the trade, company car...changes every four months which would drive me mad).

In honesty though... we've had *way* less issues with Skodas than VW or Audi badged cars.  Not that you should routinely be having to take care in the £20-30K bracket back to the dealer to fix stuff!  Like the Audi TTRS which never had a working passenger seat adjuster because it snapped off the first time we went to use it...and the replacement (after two months of waiting) did exactly the same.

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Bad times but I'm glad you're getting a refund. This will be the same platform as my B6 S4. All I can say is the complication of the suspension setup is worth it with 340 Bhp but a 130bhp diesel can fuck right off! I've definitely got a love/hate thing with VAGs of this era.

That is, I love my S4 and hate pretty much everything else they've made, including my Octavia...



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2 hours ago, Lacquer Peel said:

This scares me for when 90s cars are too old to drive daily.

Absolutely this...

About to drop the best part of a grand sorting the Activa hopefully for a few years.  I've absolutely no idea what I'll replace it with when the time comes.

Kind of hoping I might be able to manage it until we can as a family seriously consider a Tesla as that's definitely a goal...but I reckon it's probably a car or two too far off at this point.

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4 minutes ago, BorniteIdentity said:

If you’ve never tried a Raver 75 then, tbh, I would. Settle for nothing less than the v6 as it will do 30mpg comfortably and they’re - in good fettle - divine.

Otherwise, what about a FF Camry? 

Funny you should say that as there is a really nice one up for sale locally, a 2.0 litre diesel,  I don't want a V6, I need an auto and I need more than the 25mpg an auto V6 will give me on my b road commute, short term lack of car issue's have been solved temporarily, I'm borrowing an Octavia off my deputy manager for a few weeks so I don't have to make a distress purchase of a car I don't necessarily want, they have a really light clutch so should be manageable for a few weeks, plus I have the option to buy it for £not much.


its actually ok apart from a few scrapes and dents

I'm still pissed about the Superb's issues, as it drives so well and is so composed and comfy rumbling along at 1500rpm and 55mph.

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IIRC the Superbs are basically a B5.5 Passat, if so as others have mentioned you've dodged a bullet there! I had a Highline speced one with all the chrome + heated cream leather interior coupled with the PD130 AWX engine and whilst it was a lovely place to be, the front suspension set up is a pigging nightmare and they leak for fun from everywhere  eventually taking out the CCM that Volkswagen cleverly installed at floor level. One of their lesser known 'quirks' is that the heater matrix often fails on them causing a misted up screen and rendering them undrivable- Ask me how I know ( Actually please don't, not enough time's passed yet and I'd prefer not to talk about it)

An Octavia, whilst not as swish, is probably a much better call IMO.

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13 minutes ago, dome said:

An Octavia you say? If only someone you knew was selling one, perhaps a rare 4x4 estate 🤔

I know and I have the money but.....its a manual which long term is no good unless the clutch is feather light :)

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So another update.

I spent a bit of time investigating the faults with the car last week before it went back to the garage and I have found a couple of things, the excess of mastic around the heater blower was an ill-informed attempt by the previous owner to try and stop the water ingress into the passenger footwell, which would never have worked so I have re-sealed the pollen filter correctly, I have also replaced a cracked scuttle panel which was also letting water in (under £30 from VW), the second issue was the wires had been cut to the servo motor that opens and closes the recirc flap, quite why they didn't disconnect it is beyond me, I have ordered a new one and re-soldered the plug back on to it, the other cut wires I found would appear to be from a previous owners telephone install.

The heating does work, it's just a typical VAG PD engine that takes 10 miles to provide any heat on a cold morning (my Bora was exactly the same) its toasty after 15 miles!  I'm going to fit an engine preheater once I've gathered the bits, they are cheap enough on ebay now.

I spoke to the garage and a compromise was made and I have decided to keep the car as its otherwise in fantastic order, there is not a mark on it inside or out and it drives beautifully, its covered 500 miles this weekend averaging around 45mpg carrying 4 people in total comfort, apart from the 1.9 grumble its very refined.

A remap will be done as it needs a lot of throttle to keep up with modern TDi's but it does weigh 1600kg!

The only annoying thing is that I can't fit my head unit, as it has the top of the range DX nav in it with DSP, typically had it been the model down it would have been easy.

So I'm happy for now and will just use it as intended.

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Circumstances have dictated that I now need to carry a large piece of kit around and it just wont fit in the car so I need an estate.

£1750 will buy it, there are no issues apart from the recirc flap is stuck and the AC needs a regas, I have fitted a bluetooth module so you can have tunes, the car is 'fully loaded m8', heated front and rear leather, Xenon's, Solar Panel, Door Umbrella etc.

Its proper comfy, and just wafts along, its not particularly fast and I average 40mpg but have seen almost 50mpg on a 200 mile motorway trip, it is truly immaculate, there are scuffs on the rubber corner bits on the bumpers but the bodywork has not got a single dent or scratch or mark that I can find.

I'm up north in Kendal, will deliver to a train station within a sensible distance.



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      It's a bit of an internal debate in my head as to whether to start a car specific thread on AS. My Mazda thread has become a reflection of costs of running a 25 year old car as a daily but doesn't get much traffic, my Mondeo thread has become a general MK1/2 Mondeo thread (happy about that) and my Invacar thread has become mainly about DVLA admin...but let's give it a go, see what happens.
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      Paperwork was minimal @BeEP has kindly posted me an excellent set of owner manuals, which is great, and makes a car seem more loved straight away,

      In consultation with @RobT who is a man of taste in such matters an appropriate keyring was sourced from eBay, priorities eh?

      In it's first week with me, I've had the tracking done at a cost of £40 that has sorted out the lopsided steering wheel and generally improved the driving experience.
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      Anyone care to put a value on this pile of old shite
      I bought it with good intentions but decided to buy the hippo instead so this is now just sitting doing nothing
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      I got a Jaguar XJ6 4.0 Sovereign for significantly less than the cost of her Civic. I'd been keeping an eye on it on Gumtree the last month and the price had been creeping down and I managed to get it a bit cheaper still. With a bit of googling it appears it went through the Morris Leslie classic auction in August. I paid a bit less than it went through there at.
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      It drives nicely but doesn't change up as soon as it should I feel. It isn't going into third until 30mph and fourth isn't until about 75mph. You can induce it to change up by booting it and backing off but thats not ideal. I need to check the fluid level. If it is still doing it after that I'll get a gearbox service done on it.
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      So at least a bunch of you will recognise my much hacked about Invacar (AC Model 70 actually to be technically correct), KPL139P from my blog thread.
      With the arrival of Dollywobbler's former spares car the decision was made to return that to the road rather than KPL as it was in far better overall condition.
      So since then she has donated her engine, brakes and gearbox to TPA.
      It seems a shame to just throw away the leftovers though. Given the repeated comments we've both had from people saying we should stick a silly bike engine or something in it, there seems to be interest in some madcap projects.
      I reckon with a roof chop, custom front end built and a suitably mad engine you could make a truly epic 2/3rd scale replica hot rod with it. I however have neither the time nor resources.
      The chassis will need a couple of repairs due to water having got trapped beneath the floor, but is overall sound. Sound and utterly over-engineered for what it is.
      She already has a V5C present and in my name, so just needs a (Class III) MOT to allow you to change the vehicle type to motor tricycle and tax class to historic.
      I need the garage space back, so if anyone wants to take this on as a crazy project, it's all yours.
      It has tyres that are holding air sufficiently that it can roll for loading purposes just fine.


      A pair of somewhat dodgy doors can be had if required, I just need to swap some bits over before I'm done with them. Rear windscreen is missing, windscreen is present and serviceable, and I have good door glass available if you want it.
      If you're thinking ditching the body, sticking a roll cage on and making a crazy off-road buggy that might be immaterial...plenty of suspension travel and compliant springs...that could work actually...
      If you're interested, let me know.
      Really not looking for anything for it, but if you'd like to contribute towards the camper and Invacar restoration fund anything will be appreciated.
      I'd rather have it out the way sooner than later to be honest, but if you're interested but cannot get it picked up until a given date I'm sure we can arrange something.
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