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New shitter. 1982 Citroen VISA.

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3 hours ago, Lankytim said:

The more I think about it the more i'm starting to think that the coil is faulty. Earthing the neutral of the LT side should energize the coil and then breaking the earth should produce a spark, right?


Don't earth either side of the LT coil winding with the electronic box connected. No way of knowing which way around the 'box switches, so a risk of shorting the box out and killing it.

In any case, doing as you suggest without a good condensor will not get a spark worth having.

Coil is the most likely, from the symptoms you describe. Typical of the secondary winding shorting because of damp and decrepitude.

******This ignition system was developed by Motorola and they claimed a world first  for  the use of proximity sensors as engine angle sensors for ignition system. Electronically generated advance curve as well.

Feature on it all in the Motorola journal back in 1979.*******

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