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New shitter. 1982 Citroen VISA.


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4 minutes ago, Lankytim said:

Hi all, this is still sat in my garage and after the addition of a 2CV to the collection I’m feeling the pressure regarding storage. 

So, does anybody fancy a cheap Visa? 


@MikeR come on, you know you want to. 

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6 minutes ago, wuvvum said:

How cheap?  🤔

I could probably do it for £400,  minus the 123 ignition gizmo but including the 652cc adaptor for it. I’d like to keep the 123 ignition thing for the 2CV 

The adaptor cost £100 odd on its own from memory. 

Id prefer to sell it to someone who’s going to finish it off and get it on the road rather than break it, I could break it myself and probably get quite a bit more for it. 

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