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Stupid boy pike.

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Hey you, yes you over there trying to divest yourself of your worldly goods so that you can move to France more easily. Me? Yes you, go buy a car for no other reason than you hurt your back and it hasn’t got a clutch pedal.


Oh ok then I better go find a train ticket.




Oh Preston that’s nice, wasn’t the old DVLC place there? Yes but that shut about 20 years ago. Oh that’s a shame, anything else there?


Well there’s this




Ah I was thinking more like a good pie shop.


No I can’t help you there.


So all will be revealed tomorrow afternoon, tune in then for more exciting adventures of the man with the inconsistent limp.

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Preston is where Sharps Commercials was based, home of the Bond Equipe and of course all of the three wheeled cars.

Some more great archive photos of all kinds if you search the Preston Digital Archive here:

Vitesse Steve's excellent Blog has a good list of old motor dealerships that used to be in Preston:

@Six-cylinder and I went to Preston a few years ago to mooch around mills and find the remains of the Bond factory on Ribbleton Lane:


The pointed rooflines in the background are the old works buildings:


Preston is still home to BAe, with various historic worksites and remains still around. I found this one, which was an English Electric factory and home to Dick Kerr, whose factory ladies' football team kicked off (literally) women's football as a sport:



Why was I there? Preston is home to the terminus of the Lancaster Canal, so I popped along with Teal the trailboat for a look, earlier this year. The canal has been cut back by about half a mile from the original basin and now just stops in some undergrowth!



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I used to work in Preston.

It's also where I took this photo...


...which was the day I swopped my Roffle-win Rover 75 to my late friend Dave, in return for the forum bike Saab convertible that I'd already owned before (which is how come Dave had it...).  So there is life in Preston!

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There was also the BBC comedy All Quiet on the Preston Front that was quite good. After the first series it was changed to just Preston Front for some reason and it became a bit shit.

I don’t think there is a museum dedicated to the show so I’m not sure how you could build this information into your itinerary.

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