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The return of Morris!

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So it looks like the Morris brand is returning to production with this!!


Fully electric commercial vehicle. 


Website looks flashy, and for one I actually really like the look of this!! 

Makes me wonder what other Morris models should be revived! 


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That looks bloody marvellous.


I’d like to imagine some of the owners will be bearded, gin-swigging hipsters who will use it as a pop up shithouse or some bollocks like that, complete with ‘living my best life’ emblazoned across the side of it.

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I wonder if it shares any tech, or even the whole platform, with the LEVC TX electric taxi?  If it does, that would certainly save a lot of development and research cash.  I assume the buyers of said vehicle will be those looking for a distinctive promotional vehicle, I could well see Harrods and the like getting them for city deliveries.

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