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Glasgow Sebring Collection - Wednesday food eaten and car collected.

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1 hour ago, davehedgehog31 said:

Must be just coming into Central Station in the next few minutes then. Are you getting the toy train from St Enoch up to Kelvinbridge?

I did not see the sign so grabbed a taxi as the light was fading fast and I wanted to get going. Taxi driver was wearing a Berri and cut a car up proper who horned us. When I got out I could see the crude welding in the door shut of the London style cab.

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First comfort break was near Carlisle all going well.


Second was Sandbach where I refused to pay £4.19 for a very ordinary looking sandwich and decided to keep going, except while I thought I probably had enough fuel a quick slash and dash would remove all range anxiety, but it would not hot restart. After poking and prodding it for 10 minutes it burst into life. Allan had mentioned that he had a starting problem when he first got it and says he thinks it was the immobiliser and has ordered a module that he will send to me, but it turned over fine and even gave a couple of kicks. 


The Midlands was horridly wet, but the car does not seem to leak.

Yes home now and it restarts just fine. 6 1/2 hours to do 355 miles.


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