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Picasso restoration.......a tale of idiocy and citroen fun

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1 hour ago, paulplom said:

Can you not remove the strut yourself and take it to your man to swap the shocker? It'll save a labour charge and give you something to do.

don't have stands unfortunately and i have massive doubts about the jack i use...

he's doing both shocks, discs and a ball joint for 220 so i can't complain, gives me the excitement of walking round a different town for many hours whilst it's getting done


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Well is that shiny new parts i see? i think it is!



oh and a new fuel filter too! running and driving superb!

seriously feels like a new car, i can barely hear bumps and can't really feel them

the old shock fell to bits when he removed it, can't say i'm surprised i knew it was bad

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was rather cheeky and did a 60 mile round trip to go shopping today.....testing the car officer (what police haha)

it starts and runs far better than ever, incredibly smooth and no more stuttering or hesitation so a big win!

but the even bigger win is the fact i can drive between 59 and 65 in total smoothness, the handling is far better and it actually feels tight!

oh i'm so happy with this car now, i dare say this is the best i can ever remember it being

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But the biggest advantage of being friends with your mechanic and being a good customer is he gives you stuff

yes he gave me a lowering kit, looking at it i don't think it will be too horrifically low either and might help the handling

never ever thought i'd say this but later in the year (round september ish time) i'm going to actually get my car lowered


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47 minutes ago, 1duck said:

They do a lowering kit for a picasso? Live and learn.

they do indeed apparently!

i'm more curious than anything with them, which is why i'm gonna fit them

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Nice mostly simple job completed today, fitting a brand new undertray with much shine!!!

of course i used cable ties instead of the supplied clips as they were shit and didn't hold it on at all



going to secure it some more with a few more ties tomorrow but so far during an essential journey* of 20 miles worth of dual carriageways it didn't fall off so all is good!

* essential as in i wanted to make sure it wasn't going to fall off!

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Well, feels weird actually saying this but everything works.....it drives as it should and probably the best the car has ever been!

must say i'm quite happy

had fun of sorting out insurance again, got it £400 cheaper with windscreen cover!! and i don't have to pay extra like i did last year to be able to drive other vehicles so i'm rather happy

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Well over a week into the fully repaired front suspension and i must say it's remarkable how much difference it can make!

Did a 250 mile round trip today and it was flawless,

I see my bumper has signs of summer and freedom in the way of dead bugs! need to clean the car too but enjoying it far too much



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A rather ridiculous road trip today to collect something special.......

oh yes! those are the posh sun visors!! maybe not worth a 160 mile round trip but who cars they're lovely


best get round to fitting them!

Ah yes looks simple just a single screw and a clip which is easy to remove with a flathead screwdriver


First stage, with a terribly out of focus picture for maximum excitement! thread the cable from the posh visors though the hole in the roof


next thread the cable across the top of the headliner into the whole where the interior light is, which is also simple to pop down

simply just plug it in to one of the connectors, next to the main light connector.....quite handy and too easy tbh, also note how the cover over the light instantly fell off the moment i touched it in a typical french way


Simply plug in the visor from the drivers side, of which fitting is exactly the same as the passenger and doesn't it actually look alright! again nothing broke


Ah yes, doesn't it look very very posh, almost like an exclusive! they only work with the ignition on which is fine and preferrable because french and i don't want a flat battery


a nice easy job, as i say it seemed to be too easy but i'm not complaining

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In other news i'm very close to hitting the big number! which i promised the car i would get it too

if i wouldn't have taken the picasso when i did, well it would have been scrapped by now or in a really bad way......i know it was about to be scrapped before i stepped in, it's too good to scrap, performed flawlessly on all the trips i've done over the past week


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10 minutes ago, purplebargeken said:

Huge like for the love the Picasso gets.

one of the few loved picassos out there.....and very well deserved

as i always say, give it 2-3 years and they will be pretty rare

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Had a super exciting day! finally reached the big 100k! a proper car now!


for maximum immaturity i did it at 69mph!

had to take a celebratory pic, with fog light wanker vibes and park anywhere lights activated


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3 minutes ago, paulplom said:

High miler now. You need to scrap it and finance a panda.

Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk

I wouldn't say no to a panda diesel, not a new one with a complicated radio like all cars seem to have

i have quite a thing for high milers, especially diesel swedish ones from the late 90s/early 2000s

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I've also realised i've owned "pablo" for a year today, time has absolutely flown bit

was such a sad looking motor vehicle when i picked it up, bald tyres for added quality** also the dissapointing fact it had retrofitted aero blades, big no no!


So i didn't start driving it until the 24th may, due to it being a biohazard with mould and old food, spent 2 days giving it the deepest clean i could

then it wouldn't start...because of course it wouldn't

but now it's one happy looking vehicle!


i've spent about £3,500 on everything, including repairs and upgrades which is a lot of money

no one else was going to save it and i was told if i didn't take the picasso it would be scrapped a day or two later

originally i was only going to use it as a cheap "banger" and do bangernomics, of course i couldn't so had to change all the fluids, then fix everything i could find that was broken then i decided to make it as close to an exclusive as possible

and now it's a really nice example, and i dare say i trust it to take me anywhere in europe

going to need a new starter at some point this year as well as a battery

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well since the replacement shocks, it's completely behaved

i can't get over just how nice the car drives, been doing a fair amount of hooning recently and the handling is superb

which leads me to say, are new cars more efficient? i'm aware the new diesels can apparently get 70+mpg yet they have adblue and dpf's to worry about, this 15 year old picasso apparently averages 52 mpg and unlike a lot of people now.....i actually own it!

anyway enough about that, my plans for the coming months.

eventually get round to installing the parking sensors, almost certainly going to do an interior swap for the velour seats which i feel will be rather posh and i quite like the idea of electric folding mirrors

all being well this car will be owned by me for approx 3 more years, then sold to a fellow shiter due to not wanting to deal with facebook (will be very cheap)

suppose i'd quite like to just make it an ideal spec, which i feel the interior swap will help with.

anyway here's some pictures from the beach yesterday featuring a very clean picasso



i dare say one of the few good examples of one out there, and i'm glad to have made it that

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35 minutes ago, Belfast Gipsy said:

It's great to see this getting a few bob spent on it just because you love it

Fully agree, love seeing the care and dedication you're putting in to this. Think I might price up doing the suspension on my Zafira as its seen better days......

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as i say the reason behind all of this is because they're already starting to become uncommon on the roads

they're in the "cheap banger" stage, and i doubt they have more than 2 or so years until they start getting really uncommon, especially the diesels as they won't put up with zero maintenance

next job is to tint the rear windows, mainly to keep it cooler (which is why i'm doing a light tint) and i don't want it to look "pimped" out

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3 hours ago, maxxo said:

and i've just realised those are for the front windows, i'm a proper fool

I thought that was odd. It's usually the back windows that get done.

Fuck it, cut them up and do the backs anyway. I reckon there'll be enough tint to do it.

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3 minutes ago, paulplom said:

I thought that was odd. It's usually the back windows that get done.

Fuck it, cut them up and do the backs anyway. I reckon there'll be enough tint to do it.

i reckon i can hack them up a bit so they at least mostly fit anyway

this seems proper autoshite tinting!

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