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Picasso restoration.......a tale of idiocy and citroen fun

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Lol I was just about to say about the silver ties. Re door protectors I wouldn’t as I’ve owned a few car in the past that the previous ownershad fitted them to. The paint underneath them was wrecked. I think water creeps underneath them over time and causes corrosion. 

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1 hour ago, rainagain said:

Lol I was just about to say about the silver ties. Re door protectors I wouldn’t as I’ve owned a few car in the past that the previous ownershad fitted them to. The paint underneath them was wrecked. I think water creeps underneath them over time and causes corrosion. 

that's true! only reason i was thinking of them was just in case i make a mistake sometime and the door gets caught in the wind and hits another car (knowing my luck it would be a 2020 fully loaded s class)

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Did some aesthetic work today, went quite well too

ooooh shiny!


of course these old ones broke the moment i tried to remove them, look rather nasty too i must admit with no chrome left

prefer the older style ones anyway


and we're done, a lot brighter too and look so nice and shiny!


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also stay tuned!!!

much excitement coming to the car in the coming weeks!

also quick thing, creaking when going over uneven roads, speed bumps and when stopping. can also make it creak by bouncing the car up and down....

assuming shock absorber or strut top? no way am i fixing it as i have nightmares about spring compressors

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2 hours ago, paulplom said:

Shouldn't need to use spring compressors when changing a strut top bearing.

Depends on the car, I needed them on the Zafira and almost the 406 but we didn't get that far in the job as the rest of the front suspension wouldn't come apart... 

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12 hours ago, maxxo said:

also stay tuned!!!

much excitement coming to the car in the coming weeks!

also quick thing, creaking when going over uneven roads, speed bumps and when stopping. can also make it creak by bouncing the car up and down....

assuming shock absorber or strut top? no way am i fixing it as i have nightmares about spring compressors

Shame it's lockdown, I had the same with the Zafira and found a local garage through a post on facebook, chucked the entire struts in my car and took them over, 20 minutes later they had my new springs on, only charged me £20 to do the pair too! 

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5 hours ago, paulplom said:

Shouldn't need to use spring compressors when changing a strut top bearing.

i'm thinking worst case it's a shocker, i've seen too many videos of spring compression accidents to attempt it myself haha

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3 hours ago, beko1987 said:

Shame it's lockdown, I had the same with the Zafira and found a local garage through a post on facebook, chucked the entire struts in my car and took them over, 20 minutes later they had my new springs on, only charged me £20 to do the pair too! 

yup i have a garage like that (he seems to have no concept of profit)

what i'm thinking is it may be logical to get the shocks done regardless as they are the originals

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9 hours ago, maxxo said:

yup i have a garage like that (he seems to have no concept of profit)

what i'm thinking is it may be logical to get the shocks done regardless as they are the originals

Just pondering - I have read on Sh1troen forums that creaking front suspension can be the mounting bolts at the top of the strut. Might be worth checking those are torqued up properly. Long shot, but probably you have plenty of time at home now....



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6 minutes ago, Prote said:

Just pondering - I have read on Sh1troen forums that creaking front suspension can be the mounting bolts at the top of the strut. Might be worth checking those are torqued up properly. Long shot, but probably you have plenty of time at home now....



yup they are! has been getting gradually worse over the past month and tends to be louder if i use the car for it's intended purpose.....driving

i've attached a very poor video trying to show the creak......me being a doofus forgot to mute the stereo, but you can still hear it

and before someone says, yes, i know the radio and HVAC system are dusty


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seeing as this car is easily going to be owned by me for the next 10 or so years, might as well fit some "individual" accessories

i've been rather interested in adding some light gold touches to the door handles and hand trim on the door hards to match the centre trim, also seriously considering  fitting some more exclusive spec stuff, such as the dashboard boxes which replace the "non slide" areas and seeing if i can track down a genuine fridge.

of course the next jobs are the sun visors, wood trim and parking sensors as well as sorting out the creak and finally getting a wheel balancing session!

as always with this car, no money is too much it's a great example of a good car....of course not keeping it "stock spec" but everything will be tastefull done

oh yeah and i've bought some pinstripes for the sides as i have an idea!

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pretty poor photoshop but it would look somehwat like this, hopefully with the stripe as a slightly brighter shade and the picasso logo on the rear quater more in the correct location but i think it looks really cool!

please feel free to give me feedback, hoping to get this done next week when the stuff (hopefully) arrives


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So today we started on a job i've been putting off since july,

the door straps!

no amount of grease would solve this....stupid loud clicking, holding the door open far too well and looking absolutely awful


dissasembly time! of course have to remove everything but i can show off the super easy speaker replacement!



surprisngly the door cards on these are really easy to remove, and nothing really broke that badly, just a snapped clip but i don't care about that as i find it funny

so after a nice bit of messing around trying to get the old one out here we go, including nice shiny new part!


i didn't take pictures of the re assembly, it was a massive fuck on involving much swearing as it just didn't want to go in.....

after what felt like many hours of this we finally got it in place! and after more faff with a non magnectic torx set we managed to get it in place


ah wonderful! but wait!! theres more!! the door card would not go back on, well not easily at least

but finally after again what felt like many hours, we finally got it mostly in place....again i find it funny so it's fine


ah yes very nice door! but wait, i will have to do the whole thing again for the drivers side ahahahaha......wonder how long i can put that off for!

but isn't it just lovely and smooth! need to spray a bit of silicone lubricant on the new strap but i'm just glad it's over with

next jobs are the drivers side and the parking sensors, which again should be an absolutely awful job!

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It must be common,3 out of 4 doors on mine crack and groan. Must try to rectify it as I've seen them rip right out the door. Do you happen to know what dimensions the speakers need to be to fit the doors? Thanks. 

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14 minutes ago, bub2006 said:

It must be common,3 out of 4 doors on mine crack and groan. Must try to rectify it as I've seen them rip right out the door. Do you happen to know what dimensions the speakers need to be to fit the doors? Thanks. 

i have also seen that, it really mangles them to bits inside

as far as i know the front speakers are 17cm and the rears 13cm, at least that was the size of the ones i ordered

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So I gave the picasso some more love today, sorting the other door strap

i'd heard they can be removed through the speaker hole


I love how easy the speakers are to remove in these, really is a lovely design


just some torx screws and out they come, obviously these aren't factory speakers as they actually sound good (and i will say what i always say, the factory head unit is pretty good it's just the speakers which let it down)


Once i removed the speaker and the pretty broken foam padding it's obvious it's nice and easy to get the strap out!


Well the moment before i spent 15 minutes fucking around trying to get it out, oh yeah it also broke as i was removing it so i was past the point of no return yay! oh and my hands were absolutely full of oil and grease! which was fun especially trying to remove sockets from the rachet wrench, but we managed to get it out after much swearing


aaaaand we are done, obviously was a fuck on but i'm glad it's sorted now

I dread to think what my neighbours think of me the amount of honestly foul words i was saying as i couldn't get it through the hole even shocked me........

obviously we couldn't leave the car being dirty could we....it's me after all



and yes i was cleaning my car as it was getting dark, and yes i am a weirdo!

i'm driving to the other side of town tomorrow to go for a walk where it's quiet and going to fill up with shell V power

so we know i'll either have some form of major expensive exciting problem or a decent crash

mind you that's more likely to happen on tuesday after i have had my wheels balancing......oh yes i'm actually fixing the wheel wobble...well paying a man to fix it

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had some unintended rear wiper action today!

so the rear wiper activated itself (despite being turned off, but it's a comms2000 so was it actually off?) about an hour ago as i was getting ready to drive home

it seemed to be on intermittent like it is when you use the switch, but acted like it was being turned on and off too

it may be a coincidence but i wiggled the stalk and turned the headlights on and it then seemed to behave

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So in a typical french way the wiper completely behaved itself today, of course it would

i suspect it was due to the little niggles i've sorted out recently

I also fitted a pin stripe down the side today! inspired by a proton i saw!!

It's mostly straight and i think looks superb!



oh yes i actually ordered the correct colour too!

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So you remember how i said i think this car is haunted?

well i'm almost certain now! almost every time i've had a bad near miss, everytime i've had a problem or a failure to proceed it's been when i've been playing "the best of the human leauge" CD, changed CDs today not a single issue

going through dashcam footage, every single one of the really bad incidents have had that cd playing, i hardly play it anyway as it tends to be a bit skippy, it's either a weird coincidence or something weird is going on

The only times i've had bad cold starting issues has been when that CD has been in the player

i swear i'm going nuts, but this is very weird

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2 hours ago, paulplom said:

Toolstation have them for a fiver.8a7f212532d7e7e2c5458bea87b3ab52.jpg

Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk


i need to go to toolstation at some point anyway so i shall get one

sure will make jobs lesss exciting but far easier

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So you know how i've given the picasso a fair amount of love recently?

well i've been repaid by a burst shock! oh yes! much oil everywhere


oh and my discs ummmm may look like this.......


rather embarrasing for that to be seen buy the guy at ATS doing my wheel balancing

oh and i've got a lot of play in both track rod ends.......yay, on the drive home yes i did notice it drives like shit and doesn't feel right at all

as ATS didn't seem to want to rip me off.....and we bad mouthed kwik fit, they've got the job

going in at 10:30 tomorrow morning

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2 minutes ago, paulplom said:

Looks like the rear pad has been binding. Uneven wear by the look of it.

Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk

i thought the same! cars are fun!

i'm pretty excited to get it sorted, probably drive completely different

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of course i didn't go back to ATS i had a moment of sense.....

taking it over to my usual guy, someone i actually trust and see how much he wants, annoying this lockdown as i could really do with going tool shopping but i take ages and have to inspect anything before i buy it

in another exciting way the drivers side shock is knocking rather badly and the passenger side is creaking....much excitement! wheel wobble is between 59 and 64 now so an improvement but the wobble has become an entire vehicle wobble so even more exciting!

suppose i'd better pay a man to fix it hahaha as i'll kill myself with spring compressors if i tried

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    • By captain_70s
      I'm a masochist from Leeds who is running two rusty, worn out Triumph Dolomites as my only transport in rural Aberdeenshire. You might recognise me from various other forums and Facebook groups. Realistically I need to buy a modern car of some sort, but instead I find myself looking at £300 Citroen BXs and Triumph Acclaims on Gumtree and thinking "yeah, that'd fit right in with the rest of the broken cars I can't afford".
      On to the cars, the main attraction being my 1976 1850HL "50 Shades of Yellow" that I bought for £850 and is currently my daily driver, here is a picture of it before I sanded off some surface rust and sprayed it badly in the wrong shade of yellow with rattle cans:

      Within a month of purchase I managed to plant it in to a steel fence backwards after a botched gear change on a wet roundabout and ruined the N/S rear wing, although judging by the other dent that's packed with filler it looks like somebody had already done the same. I also managed to destroy a halfshaft and one of my Sprint alloys (good for an extra 15hp) in the incident, so now it's sitting on it's original steelies but painted black (good for an extra 5hp).
      It's only broken down on me twice. once with some sort of fuel delivery related problem which may or may not have been an empty fuel tank and once when the thermostat jammed shut and it overheated and blew out some O-rings for the cooling system. It has recently developed a taste for coolant and oil which is rather annoying, although it's done 89,300 miles which is about 80,000 more miles than BL engineering is designed to last, I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines... 
      I tried to keep ahead of the rust a bit by rubbing down the arches and re-painting them, but apparently rattle can paint isn't great when you are spraying it at -5C, it also highlighted how although my car might have been Inca Yellow in 1976 it's now more of a "cat piss" sort of shade. So I ended up with the wrong shade of yellow which has rust coming back through after 5 weeks. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      The other car is the first "classic" car I bought, so I can't bear to sell it. It's a '77 Dolomite 1300 and it cost £1400 (about £400 too much) and has been nothing but a pain in the arse:

      It looks much prettier (from 100 yards) but that's most due to the darker paintwork hiding the rust. It lives a mollycoddled life in my garage, where it somehow still manages to rust, and is utterly rubbish. 0-60 is measured on a calendar, top speed is 80ish but at that point it uses more oil than petrol, it rarely ventures over 50mph and if you encounter an incline of any sort you can kiss that sort of speed goodbye, along with about £20 of 20W50 as it vanishes out of the exhaust in the form of blue smoke.
      One of the PO's had clearly never heard of the term "oil change" so it developed into brown sludge that coated everything internally with the next owner(s) blissfully pouring fresh oil on top of it. This lasted until about 600 miles into my ownership when there was muffled "pop" from the engine bay and the car became a 3-cylinder. The cause was catastrophic wear to the top end causing a rocker arm to snap:

      As this was my first classic car I'd assumed it was supposed to sound like the engine was full of marbles, it wasn't.
      I put the engine back together with second hand bits declared it utterly fucked and promptly did another 5000 miles with it. After about 3500 of those miles the oil burning started, valve seals have gone so it's been relegated to my parent's garage as a backup car and something to take to local car shows as the 1850 is now embarrassingly ugly. I'm keeping my eye on eBay for replacement engines (deja vu, anybody?) Oh, I also recently reversed it into a parked Ford Fiesta and royally fucked up the rear bumper, rear panel and bootlid. Did I mention I'm incompetent?
      There have been two other cars in my life. My first car, a 2008 Toyota Yaris 1.0 an it's replacement a 2012 Corsa 1.4T. I didn't really want either of them, but it's a long story involving my parents and poor life choices. Ask if you want to hear it!
      So that's a brief summary of my current shite. If you want more pictures or details of anything do say as I've got photos of almost everything I'd done with the cars.
    • By dome
      This evening I venture forth into hitherto unknown lands (Kirkintilloch) to collect my latest acquisition.

      Which, naturally, has issues.

      I have purchased my first line of defence.

      Which appears to have antigravity properties

      More will follow this evening...
    • By The Moog
      Didn't bother to do a collection thread as was a 30min drive so fairly boring.
      Yesterday I won this

      Which is effectively going to replace the civic and the xantia.

      Picked car from a bodywork guy in foreign lands (Yorkshire).
      First thoughts are that I think it has been sitting for a while but started straight up. Apart from service bits and potentially a cambelt everything seems to be good with it. Comes pre dented.
      Current is differently abled tax so that will need to be changed.
      Windscreen has small crack in passenger side.
      Runs really cold, this is after 30 miles of motorway

      Mind you it honks. Properly honks. Not as much as the focus I got from Shadow but not far off.

      List of jobs
      Oil change
      Spark plugs
      Air filter
      Rear boot struts
      Front discs and pads
      Cam belt plus bits
      Ball joints
      Drop links
      Rear anti roll bar bushes
      Stereo code
      Windscreen crack
      Swimming pool emptied from boot wheel well
      Seal rear light clusters
      And a big does of cleaning
    • By BorniteIdentity
      This week, for the first time ever, I felt old. I have sciatica which swaps from one side to the other, arthritis in one hand and what I think is the beginnings of IBS. On top of that it took me 2 weeks to remember a registration number that once would take me 2 seconds, and I forgot my parent's wedding anniversary.

      I'm only 32.

      Shit. No I'm not. I'm 33. I forgot that too. (Genuinely)

      So, it's about time I committed some of my tales to paper. Well, a shonky server... but that's the best you can do in 2016.

      First up, a list of the cars I've owned (as best as I can remember) in chronological order.

      Main Cars
      1985 VW Polo Formel E. C158 TRT. This was given to me even before I passed my test.

      1991 Rover Metro S. J801 TAC. Bought about 3 months after I passed my test as I was convinced the Polo was about to shit its gearbox.

      1987 Volvo 360 GLT. D899 CBJ ___ Managed three months in a Metro before the small car and smaller petrol tank became a bore.

      Ford Mondeo and Honda Civic Coupe by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1999 Ford Mondeo Zetec. V384 DBJ. Still the most I've ever spent on a car. It was 3 years old and cost, from memory, about £8,000. Just think of the Rover R8s you could buy with that now!

      1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI 8v by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1987 Volkswagen Golf GTI D79 CVV. I very nearly bought a MK1 Golf 1.1 but was persuaded, by my father amusingly, to buy this one from a different friend. From memory I gave about £500 for it, and sold it to some racers later that year for about £300. Amusingly, 16 year later I'd sell the Hartge wheels that came with the car for £530.

      1999 Toyota Avensis CDX by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1999 Toyota Avensis CDX. V781 GDP. By far the best car I've ever had. Bought in 2002 for £5300, it had previously been a company car at British Telecom. I ran it from 62,000 to 174,000 before it became surplus to requirements. A German chap bought it on ebay for about £500 and drove over to collect it. Hero.

      2001 Ford Mondeo Zetec by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      2001 Ford Mondeo Zetec. Y821 EEB. I should have loved this car. I gave £500 for it in 2008 which was stupidly cheap by anybody's standards. It needed 4 tyres (which actually was nice to pick good ones for once) and a coil spring. Sadly, it was just bill after bill after bill. I sold it and promised to never own another Ford. I nearly succeeded.

      1998 Nissan Almera by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1998 Nissan Almera GX Auto. S58 NLO. My late Grandfather's car and, upon reflection, my first proper attempt at bangernomics. I bought it for £500 in 2008 from the estate and ran it for well over a year and 30,000 miles. It was also my first automatic which, whilst a bit dumb, did lock up into overdrive and give a good 36 mpg no matter how it was driven.

      2004 Ford Fiesta 1.25 LX and 2006 Ford Focus 2.0 Ghia by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      2004 Ford Fiesta Zetec. AG53 BWL. My wife's car which I ran for a couple of years when I bought her a Focus as a wedding gift.

      2003 Rover 75 by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      2003 Rover 75 Club SE. AX53 BFA. This is where my career as a serial car buyer really began. Ignoring all of the warning signs I decided to press a K Series into a daily 100 mile commute, which it did with aplomb. This wasn't actually the car I set out to buy, the one I'd agreed to buy OVERHEATED ON THE FORECOURT whilst I was doing the paperwork. Consequently I couldn't leave fast enough and bought a different car later that day.

      2004 Toyota Avensis T30-X by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      2004 Toyota Avensis T3-X. KT53 DWZ. Sensible head back on, I decided to get back into something I trusted when my 3rd son was born. This was a lovely car, but not without its problems. The VVTi oil burning issues are well documented and do frequently occur. Ironically, this was less reliable than the Rover it replaced! Despite fearing the worst and 3 months off the road, the new owner has just MOTd it.

      1999 Toyota Avensis SR by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1999 Toyota Avensis SR. V263 GDP. Back into bangernomics territory again. The last MK1 Avensis I had was the best car I'd ever had, so I hoped to replicate it with another T22 Avensis. This one came up for sale in my favourite (and rare) colour with a numberplate sequential to my previous car - so it was meant to be. I still have this now, and tomorrow it will tick around to 185,000 miles having been bought by me at 100,500.

      Side Bitches

      1974 Morris Mini 1000 by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1974 Morris Mini 1000. GEL 517N. Well, I always wanted one - and was young, free, single and well off at the time (2003). A memorable trip to buy it when I called my new girlfriend by my ex girlfriend's name 20 miles into a 200 mile weekend away. She's never forgiven or forgotten but we're still friends. Oh - and married.

      1977 Ford Capri II GL by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1977 Ford Capri II 1600 GL. SMY 675R. I can't remember why I bought this, other than I thought it'd be amusing. It was bought from Norwich for £350 and was perfectly well behaved for the 8 months that I had it (other than a flasher unit expiring). I remember being shocked just how much the windscreen would ice up inside, and duly sold it in November to a guy who was going to drive it daily! It's still alive and now, apparently, black! (Update - it's now silver!!!)

      1989 Volvo 340 DL by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1989 Volvo 340 DL. G67 AVN. I bought this for £80. Unbelievable. It was utterly bloody perfect. I wanted to do a banger rally which is why the guy gave it to me so cheap. I'm still yet to do that rally, but no longer have the car. I sold it for about £300 to a family who were clearly down on their luck who, I hope, still have the car.

      1996 Toyota Granvia by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1996 Toyota Granvia. N775 JEV. My wife and I decided to increase our numbers further and, with our 4th son on the way, larger transport was required. We quickly realised you can either have 4 children and no apparel, or apparel and no children. After trying a very tired Mercedes Viano, the Granvia was found for 1/4 of the price and it's still here 2 years later. I can safely say that we'll never sell it - it really is another member of the family.

      1993 Mercedes 190e by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1993 Mercedes 190e. L795 COJ. I've admired these cars since I was a child. In fact, one of the very few toy cars I still have from my childhood is a Mercedes 190e. Regular readers of "Memoirs from the Hard Shoulder" will know what a PITA this car has been since day 1, but I get the feeling it's a keeper. We'll see!

      1983 Ford Sierra Base 1.6 by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1983 Ford Sierra Base. GVG 510Y. Not explicitly my car, but it should be documented here for reference. Oh - and the V5 is in my name. The story is online for all to read as to how five of us acquired what is believed to be the only remaining Ford Sierra Base. Make a brew and read it, it's a fantastic story.

      1982 Ford Sierra L by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1982 Ford Sierra L. LCR 503Y. I accidentally won this on ebay for £520. Upon reflection, I shouldn't have sold it - but short stop of saying I regret it. I could never get truly comfortable driving it and, in fairness, I could scratch my Sierra itch with the base if I wanted. Sold it at a stupid profit of £1250. It is believed to be the oldest remaining Ford Sierra in the UK.

      1979 Volvo 343 DL by Bornite Identity, on Flickr
      1979 Volvo 343 DL. DBY 466T As you'll see above, I'd had a 360GLT as a younger lad and fancied one of these earlier cars. The variomatic is, frankly, terrible but amusing. This car has just 8000 miles on the clock and inside was absolutely timewarp. Sadly, the huge bill for the Mercedes 190e cylinder head rebuild meant I had to sell this car shortly after acquiring it. Since then I've had a bit of money luck, and now realise I didn't need to sell it after all. Typical.

      I think that's it. My arthritis is playing up even more now. I've left out a few cars that were actually my wife's, but if I find pictures will add them in at a later date. I'll run this as an ongoing thread on cars and what's happening.

      Current SitRep:

      Purple Avensis: Just about to click over 185,000. Minor drama this week when an HT lead split but otherwise utterly fantastic, fantastically boring and boringly reliable.

      Granvia: Just done 1000 miles in a month around Norfolk, 6 up with suitcases. 31mpg achieved on the way up which is good for an old tub with a 3.0 Turbo Diesel on board. ODO displaying 175,000 which is a mix of miles and kilometers. Say 130,000 miles for argument's sake.

      Mercedes: Being a PITA. It's had the top end completely rebuilt after the chain came off. Now needs welding to pass another MOT and the gearbox bearings are on strike. It's about to go into the garage for winter until I can stomach it again. 151,000 miles on the clock.

      Sierra bASe: Still on sabbatical with AngryDicky who only took it bloody camping in cornwall! Legend.
    • By davidfowler2000
      Edit: This is longer than initially anticipated.
      As some will have noticed, Mr cms206 of this parish reckons the death knell for the SVM is close with his recent purchase of a Saab. Going with the fact I still have a 100% Volvo fleet, as does Mr rml2345 of this parish I would personally say it's just diversification. Especially considering the amount of non Volvos cms206 has had these days.
      This aforementioned diversification continues a pace. Although the paperwork still needs to be done, I have some non Volvo incoming.

      My aunt got the above pictured 205 back in about 2002 and ran it for about 3 years. By her accounts she put it in the lockup, got a Nissan Almera for whatever reason and basically put the 205 in to the long term deal with pile. It was initially SORN on the blue log book. Back when there was a theft of blue V5s at Swansea and everyone in the country got sent one of the new red ones, one never arrived for the 205 and after that it was properly forgetten about. Well she did. I've been keeping it in my mind every day since then. During a discussion over my birthday dinner a few weeks ago, she mentioned that she was going to pay the gardener she gets in to trim the trees to break in to the lockup because the padlock had rusted solid and she was desperate to use the space in the lockup. I said I'd do it free if I could assess the car. If it was completely fucked, it would have to get dragged out and put on a truck to go to the scrap heap. If I could get it moving, I would make it a project.
      Next day - 18th January:

      Time to break open the padlock then. Big screwdriver through the hasp and burst it within 3 seconds. Now to have a look at the car. It's dirty, 3 tyres are flat, one of them creased and the 4th is still at about 10psi. After FIFTEEN YEARS! A gentle rock confirms suspicions that all the wheels are locked so time to get all the wheels off and set about the brakes with a big swing press.
      The back wheels moved eventually. Judicious use the big hammer, two wheel bolts reinserted and a breaker bar as a lever got the back wheels turning. While the wheels were off I thought I'd see if they held air.
      All 4 tyres held 35psi. None of them appear to be cracked and the rubber is still "soft" to the scrape of a finger nail. Lack of sunlight attacking them I suppose but it'll get 4 new ones if it becomes roadworthy.
      After doing the back wheels, the front wheels quickly proved they could be a major problem. I took the calipers, pads and discs completely off the car and even with 2 wheel studs inserted and using the 3/4 drive breaker bar with an extra foot of length over the 1/2 bar, neither wheel / shaft would turn. So either the bearings had seized, the CV joints in the driveshafts had seized or something very sinister was happening inside the gearbox. By this time it was getting dark and cold so time to put it all away for another day.
      Another day - 24th January:
      Various discussions were had on the Scotoshite WhatsApp chat and the end result being Mr 320Touring of this parish agreed to come round for a shufty. He was wanting to check up on another car in a lockup only a mile or so away so it was a no brainer.
      As before, front wheels off, bar on the wheel bolts... nothing. What to do next? We need to use the car's own power to try to free off whatever is seized on the front wheels but the car is nose in to the lockup so we can't get jump leads to it. We need to drag it out but we don't have a tow rope however we manage to find what appears to be a self tightening dog collar / leash in the car and decide to cue MAXIMUM SKETCHINESS!!!

      A gentle tug from the ML of doom proved the NSF wheel is tight but not seized however the OSF is not moving. Fuck it... drag it while pushing from the front. If we need to shove it back in there's an old tyre in a pile of rubbish waiting to get uplifted by the council that can act as a cushion and the ML will do the job no bother. We also took the front brake discs off to minimise any drag from those.

      We decided to drag it out just enough to get my jump leads on to the battery. We had already taken the battery out to try it on the leads outside the car. Surprise surprise* it was so dead it had gone open circuit so there was absolutely no magic pixies flowing in to it. Luckily I had an old battery from the 740 that was the same size so that was obtained, inserted and then put to work. Time to leave it to charge for a wee bit.

      Now that we've got some electricity going from the ML in to the 205 it's time to see what will happen. Thanks to Mr Touring for providing the videos...
      At one point we were vexed by the daft French screw on battery terminals
      We were getting a bit desperate by this point. We used quite a lot of "easy start" and the amount of electricity was causing problems.
      We took a break at this point for 10 mins or so. Mainly to make sure we didn't get too frustrated but also to make sure the maximum possible amount of electricity was in the actual battery so that the leads were just there as a boost. This was clearly a good idea...
      Learning from all the antics of the last 15 mins or so we left it for another 5 mins. Using a clamp meter we let it get to the point that almost no electricity was flowing in the leads and therefore an almost complete charge and spraying the "easy start" ahead of time, results were finally had...
      YAY! MUCH ELATION! Oh and that old diesel stinks. Time to get the leads off, move the ML and let the 205 tick over for a few minutes to let the engine settle. Next we found out why the front wheels were not for turning...
      So yeah. All the CV Joints were completely solid. But anyways it was mission accomplished for the day. We got it moving and a general once over suggests that it should be easily salvageable therefore if auntie wants the space in the lockup, it's going to have to go somewhere. Time to put it back in and wrap up for the day.

      Thanks to 320 Touring in assistance. The list of work is substantial but not insurmountable. It needs - a battery, front discs, front pads, front calipers, front lower arms, front driveshafts, possibly bearings, rear drums, rear shoes, rear fitting kit, probably handbrake cables, flexi hoses all round, 4 new tyres, 3 of the 4 doors don't work properly, a water leak at the water pump but that can get done with a new cam belt, probably a thermostat, engine oil, filters all round, fresh fuel, a good clean, handbrake light, oil pressure light and a rear screenwash leak inside the tailgate.
      Oh and a sidelight bulb...

      Interim time:
      Lockup secured in Cumbernauld.
      Car transporter trailer booked for Wed 12th Feb to move it. The V70 will do the honours.
      Another bit of tinkering - 4th February
      So it has been agreed the V5 will be transferred in to my name. With an impending trailer move, I thought I'd go back and have another look at things and reassemble the front brakes. I've already installed a new battery so it can be started without the need for leads and it does so quite happily even though the fuel coming from the tank smells like paint. I drove it about in circles for 5 - 10 mins to free up the CV joints and scrape the rust off the brake discs. I also did some straight line tests pulling away in 2nd which seemed to free up the turbo actuator.
      I also found the radio code so I got that working but you'll have to take my word on it 'cos YouTube will just give me a copyright flag.
      I shall leave this one here just now. Not much will happen for a while. There will of course be the drama of the trailer move but once it's in the lockup a plan of action will need to be drawn up. A sensible first course will be, I think, to find someone who will give it a once over for MoT viability before any new parts are obtained. All the obvious stuff should be easily DIYable but I don't know what lurks underneath. Some things like the timing belt and water pump will be paid for but the rest will just get picked away at in due course.
      I also found some period souvenir parking tickets...


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